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The Survival Plan

25 May

Looking at the bigger picture, I AM thankful for a promised maximum 30 work hours a week in the fall.  [I ought to get that in writing given the sketchiness at my work.]  This schedule will alleviate some a bunch of stress of school and hopefully garner A’s in both classes, which is THE most important thing.  That’s what I ought to think of every time I’m overwhelmed and frustrated by work this summer:  GPA.

That said, I have made it too easy to take advantage of my work ethic, quickness, and ability to pull through adverse situations.  It was unethical of my co-worker to game me as she did, and it hurts most because I didn’t see it coming from her.  I (stupidly) trusted that she was a good person with good intentions.  Now I know better.  And looking back, I should have known this WOULD happen.

I am dreading working Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays in a row with Dr. makes me effing crazy.  Scheduling can still be a problem.  I don’t formally complain if the schedule is over-booked either.  I just suck it up and try to work harder, faster, get there earlier, anticipate what will be needed and try to prepare ahead as much as possible.  It stresses me to the max.  What I have to remember:  Being just one person, there is only so much I can do.  Given that I have to work with a slow, messy, doctor with high expectations and low communication all summer, I need to have a game plan to get through.  This WILL not ruin my favorite season, and break from school!  And I will not let it break me.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  When things are (inevitably) crazy or ridiculous, I will say something–to my boss.  Maybe even in writing to make it even more serious and formal.  Instead of just trying to grit my teeth and make it through the day, then bitching about it to Cool, my parents, and on my blog.  I am going to bring up every incident that makes me crazy-stressed to my boss, who is able to make changes and fix things.

If there are no tangible results or changes made after making a sincere attempt to bring problems to light, I will truly HAVE to search for another job–to save my sanity.  This is no longer exasperated empty threats.  I promise to keep my word to myself and work elsewhere, because I deserve to not stress to the breaking-point.  But I think as long as I am not just complaining, but bringing legit concerns to light, they will try to accommodate me.  I am a dependable worker, and good employee.  It is usually not in my nature to verbally complain (except, obviously on here) and internalizing this stuff AT work is hurting me.

So here is to making it through 10 weeks with the difficult doctor.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. . .

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