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Spread Too Thin

27 May

Why our food is unsafe.  Well, contributing factors at least.  And yes, I’m “writing” a cheater’s post so that I can have an entry for every day in May, even though I’m too tired to compose something of my own.  These are directly quoted off “Food Politics,” but I’m posting them here because it’s interesting information.  Borrowed info in blue.

From Marion Nestle:
This report repeats what the GAO has been saying since the early 1990s:  There is no centralized coordination to oversee the federal government’s overall progress in implementing the nation’s food and agriculture defense policy.  Because the responsibilities outlined in this policy (HSPD-9) are fragmented and cut across at least nine different agencies, centralized oversight is important to ensure that efforts are coordinated to overcome this fragmentation, efficiently use scarce funds, and promote the overall effectiveness of the federal government.  Reminder: the present food safety system is mainly divided between two agencies: USDA (meat and poultry) and FDA (everything else).  Centralized oversight of food safety? What a concept.

And scary fact #2–or additive scary fact:  FDA can only realistically inspect a small percent­age (less than 3 percent) of the enormous volume of food products arriving at U.S. ports of entry, making it crucial that the Agency focus on ensuring that food products meet U.S. standards before they reach the United States.

Scary indeed.  I’ll add more commentary–or make another post when I’m not so tired.  ONE more day off 😀