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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’.

30 May

What if a car had no safety features?  We’re talking no steel in the doors, no air bags, no bumpers even.  Would you still buy it?  And what if the heater, air conditioner, and vents didn’t work at all?  What if a door or two were missing entirely?  Would you buy it then?

Of course not.

Well, that’s how I feel about motor cycles.  They have no safety features, and no climate control.  You can’t ride them in snow or ice, and you wouldn’t want to in rain or extreme heat.  Unlike bicycles, there is no place for a motorcycle.  A person could ride a bike on a trail or remote area and be perfectly safe.  And among other bicyclists and pedestrians.  Don’t get me started on bicycles on roads intended for motorists.  Stupidest, most annoying thing EVER.  Back to big bikes:  This is not the case for motorcycles–every place a motorcycle is allowed there are automobiles.  And cars, trucks, semis are bigger.  There is no question who would live in a collision.

I get tired of the Facebook pictures showing horrible accidents with a squished motorcycle warning drivers to be diligent.  How about telling motorcycles that they are small, the rider often careless, and to get off the road where real cars drive?  How many times have I seen motorcyclists passing a waiting line of cars on the shoulder or up the center line?  How often do you see a pack of motorcycles weaving through traffic because they can?  Rather then telling drivers to watch for impossibly small bikes coming out of nowhere, I think motorcycles should be banned.

Don’t tell me motorcycles are meant to be economical either–I call B.S.  They are expensive to buy and maintain, and I don’t even want to know how much the insurance might cost.  Also, motorcycles still use the same fuel as cars.  It is just as expensive to fill up the bike as it is a car.  So the tally so far:  High-cost, seasonal, unsafe. . .

The only reason for getting a motorcycle, as far as I can see, is the tough-factor.  It’s the same reason people get a snake.  As a general rule, snakes are as boring as all get out.  As pets, they suck.  What exactly do they do?  They lie motionless, bask, eat.  But only rarely.  They have no capacity to bond with their owner, learn tricks, or cuddle.  People get a snake because snakes are feared by many.  Why do you think people walk around with their snake on their shoulders?  A snake is no good if nobody SEES you have one.

That’s just the thing with motorcycles.  Because otherwise they are completely expensive, uncomfortable, and dangerous.  Most impractical.  Bikers ride a motorcycle, because they want to be SEEN motorcycling.  Lame.