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“The Bully”

31 May

I think bullying is an important issue.  Kids should be protected.  And marginalized youth are at high risk for being singled out, attacked, and ultimately for suicide.  That’s why I wanted to watch “Bully.”

Via NetFlix:  Bobby (Nick Stahl) takes great joy in bossing around and beating up his best friend, slovenly ex-surfer Marty (Brad Renfro). But when Marty’s girlfriend (Rachel Miner) witnesses one too many of these incidents, she vows to kill Bobby, enlisting her friends — and a hit man — to help. From controversial director Larry Clark (Kids), this unsettling drama is based on a true crime.

The parents that all these kids seemed totally dependent on, ranged from clueless to apathetic.  They either didn’t know what their kids were up to, or didn’t do anything to regulate their activity.  It really does start with the parents.  If these young adults had responsibility they would not have TIME to get into such trouble.  And supervision?  Hello, parents?

I didn’t like the characters totally downplayed multiple female rapes, but seemed perturbed by mistreatment of the male friend.  The girls in the film seemed unaffected by rape–which is NOT true to life.  When a woman is raped it changes her.  She might become depressed.  Maybe she will withdraw.  Even gals with low self-esteem and no boundaries (as the movie women were) would react adversely to being raped.  Not so in this film.  Both women, not to mention their friends and boyfriends seemed to quickly forget the abuse they suffered.  I would think if you had it in you to kill someone, the rape would be the incident to push you over that edge.  Not so.

This group of entitled, drugged-out, teenagers and young adults were incited by some male bullying.  Everyone was appalled and aggravated when the bully beat on his “friend,” said mean and inappropriate things, or was just aggressive and hostel in general.

I didn’t like it.  Anyone else seen this film?  Did you think it was true to life or true to the events it was based on?