A Date with Jack, Jim, and Johnny

1 Jun

Daniels, Beam, and Walker respectively.

I suppose this is a silly post that makes me look like some sort of frat boy. But can I tell you how excited I am that today (FINALLY today) after much waiting and anticipation, Washington is coming out of the dark ages. This state is leaving prohibition behind and letting grocery stores, instead of state run liquor stores sell all alcohol.

Coming from the 24/7, liberal (about it’s sins–and the revenues they bring in) Nevada, I took for granted the ease which you could pluck some *insert any liquor, wine, beer here* off the shelf while you grocery shopped. I never even fathomed other states were different. Well, WA had a big raquet going on. They paid state employees to control all liquor under the ruse of protecting the public. Except WA underage drinking, public intoxication, and drunk driving stats are not all that different. . .

Anyhow, politics aside, I’m just happy for the convenience!!!

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