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Dysphagia Cookbook

2 Jun

I am trying to get some anatomy finished now to alleviate some stress in the fall.  As part of that plan, I ordered my Anatomy textbook two Saturdays ago.  I wanted to at least have the reading finished by the time the school year began.  And I didn’t pay for expedited shipping to save money.  The company, stupid, sent me an e-mail confirming my order and saying the book would be processed within 3 days, and the order would arrive in 7-14 days.  So I waited.

After about 13 days, I thought my order should certainly be here by now.  I tried to check the status, but my account had a password on it.  And I couldn’t for the life of me remember the password.  For another 2 days, I typed in every possible option.  Of course I had requested my password my password be e-mailed to me first thing.  But it was slow to arrive.  Maybe my spam-blocker got it?

Finally, I signed in using Facebook–which is really creepy to me.  That makes me afraid.  Facebook rules the world.  Anyway, my “password” was just a jumble of letters and numbers that I never would have arrived at by guessing.  The status of my order said “processed.”  So I thought–uh oh, they mailed it to the wrong place somehow. . .  Or someone stole it. . .

Then, I clicked my order number, trying to find out ANY information.  And the next screen said, “back-ordered/cancelled.”  What?!  Thanks for telling me, TextbooksRUs!  When you cannot deliver an expected order, you use my e-mail address and TELL me!!!!!!!  So I have been wasting precious study time, waiting for a book that was never going to arrive.  Jerks!  It infuriated me.  So much so, that I will never use that textbook site again.

I went ahead and re-ordered the book through Amazon.  So the point of that story, is I’m hungry to get ahead, but still without the all-important book.  So here’s another assignment:

This one is not so easy to get ahead on, because some things are left to chance.  There are a variety of nationalities and specific pathology represented.  So Maybe I’ll just brainstorm some multi-cultural options for myself.

Cultures + Food:

Traditional American–twice baked potatoes

Native American (feather)–

German–potato salad–mashed

Dutch-corn chowder

Italian-cheese & bacon frittata

pg 25 in MY cookbook:

Grease a muffin tin (only fill each half full of mixture–will rise) with butter/margarine (to add calories).  Use Southwest liquid eggs and substitute bacon grease for bacon (about 1 George Foreman catcher-full, or grease from 8 pieces).  Use 1 C whipping cream instead of milk to get the right calories and consistancy.  +/- small sprinkle of cheese after baking.


Middle Eastern–

Indian (dot)–

Switzerland-cheese fondue




-Shred the cauliflower florets in tiny pieces before putting in the blender.

-put glops of chip dip, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, liquid eggs, garlic salt, and half & half in the blender.


-shred broccoli and carrots to desired thickness.

-Once the mixture is blended, pour into cupcake tin.

-Bake for about 30 min.


New England, America-clam chowder


South American–


French–mousse, omelet


Hispanic/Mexican–bean dip


Irish-potato soup

Food Options:





Gosh–some of these looked so good that I want to make some for ME!  I’ll have to practice these over the summer, so I’ll be cool as a cucumber when this assignment comes up toward the end of the semester.

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