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4.5 Things About my New Schedule

4 Jun

I do not want to jinx it. . .  And I don’t want anyone to read too much into just one week.  Things can easily change.

But it was a weird, post holiday/vacation week, and slower than normal.  And.  I actually liked my new schedule?!  But only because the stars aligned perfectly, I think.

1.  The new schedule forced my half day to be Tuesday.  No bartering, guilting, bitching from co-workers, or worse, the boss.  And in my mind if I got cheated out of my Tuesday half day ALL the better–it would fall on Thursday.  A little less time with Dr. Makes Me Effing Crazy!

2.  My half day is adjacent to my day off, but early in the week when my productivity is higher.  I got a LOT done during that day and a half.  BUT maybe only because I also just came off of a three-day weekend.  So really, I worked a half day before getting the time off.  We’ll see how I like this next week after working busy Monday too.

But I liked it especially because,

3.  I usually go in really early every Friday (while everyone else shows up late).  My coworkers not only do not set up for Friday, they don’t bother to clean up from Thursday.  So I usually go in and do the huge stack of laundry, re-stock drawers, put things away, print cage cards, make files–you know cause Friday we are bombarded.  Also, because there is that scene after a day with messy doctor who doesn’t communicate, there is much general cleaning to be done in the morning before anyone else gets there.  And if there are hospitalized, I have no idea how many to expect or what they are there for.  Plus, my co-workers are a little apathetic on Fridays because it’s their last day before the weekend–when they’re off.

3.25 So this week, was better.  I still went in early Thursday, because of the above reasons, but it was a day after the clean doctor, who HAD to have her files written.  So instead of copying the (notoriously UNerased) board onto paper, I just cleared it.  And I had to clean up/set up from Wednesday, but Thursdays are not crazy-busy like Fridays.  So setting up was a lot easier than it is for Friday’s, urgency to be seen before paying emergency fees on the weekend, story.

3.8  And then, Friday morning, I knew how to budget my time.  Since I had cleaned up Thursday and set up for Friday the day before, I only had to go in early enough to take care of the hospitalized patients–and I knew how many and how intensive that would be.

Despite surviving,

4.  I just want to reiterate how UNcool it was that my schedule changed at all over the summer.  Even if I end up being neutral or somehow liking it. The way in which it was done devalued me as an employee and as a person.  And was obviously done entirely for the one scheming co-worker.  Who likes getting stepped on?  Especially when everyone else’s schedule stayed the same or improved.  I just have to keep thinking of my long-range goal and look forward to my fall hours.

4.5  I still fully distrust my coworker that initiated my summer change of schedule–that behavior was underhanded, manipulative, and NOT awesome.

At any rate, just 9 more weeks like this.  Maybe less if the fall schedule begins earlier in August.