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12 Jun

Sometimes you just feel so effed over by a company that you will avoid them at your own inconveniance:

American Airlines

I purchased round-trip tickets to fly across the U.S.–>to Grenda–>back to the states–>and to Reno because I needed to get to vet school and the island-country disallowed students to stay over breaks.  This cost me thousands of dollars.  Then, my school loan fell through and I could no longer attend.  The airline wouldn’t refund ANY of my money at all.  Even with letter from my school and an additional letter from me explaining the situation.  AA would not even change any of the dates so I could fly to Grenada and back without staying there for months at a time.

Sallie Mae

Required a co-signer (with a house) for loans even though my own credit is rated very good.  Also, they told me I would have to start paying back the loan DURING school.  Which meant even if I could get a co-signer I would have to borrow more then the sum of tuition and expenses so I could start paying off the interest monthly.  Rip off.

Saint Georges Veterinary School

Was slow to divulge ANY information, including what loan company the school would be using or what the loan package would be.  They had not secured ANY lender the month before school was supposed to start!  Also, the financial aid people were appalled when students were disgruntled about this.  AND they had very few people working the phones/e-mail so questions would go un-addressed after being put on hold for an hour.  Plus, the school would not even offer me the in-school loan that many students were eligible to receive.  Even though my credit is good.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Rented me a specific make & model car over the internet, collected my payment over the internet, and e-mailed me a confirmation of my reservation–and then did not honor that request when I went in the day I was supposed to pick up the car.  Unapologetically saying I would have to try my luck an hour away at the airport.

Acme Auto–Seattle

Kept my car for 2 days, when it was shaking, and my battery repeatedly died.  Told me they could find NOTHING wrong with it.  Charged me a boat-load of money though they hadn’t even found anything TO fix.  When I got in my car (still on their lot) my car alarm wouldn’t stop going off, and my radio was straight-up dead.  I had two additional problems.  The next week, my car just stopped running all-together.  It was hauled off in a flat-bed.  Acme couldn’t find ANYthing wrong at all with it. . .

Azteca Mexican restaurant-downtown Spokane location

Were visibly disgruntled when we sat at a table (because the bar was hidden from sight with no signs and no one asked where we wanted to sit) to order two mojitos and no food.  No service after we turned down menus for food.  Finally, after 20 minutes of waiting for the check, the waitress literally slammed it down on the table.  And our total of 2 watered-down mojitos were on the bill for $18!!!!!!!!!!  That’s $9 apiece for 8 oz of mostly ice, some grenadine, and a minute, tasteless amount of rum.  AND they had made us run late so I didn’t have time to argue the bill.

Blue Fin Sushi–all locations

Restaurant at the MALL charging $60 a plate for pre-made (just OK) sushi sitting out on a buffet counter.  Hidden price sign.  No non-seafood options.  No service at all.  Nuff said.