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26 Days to Form a Habit

16 Jun

I am bothered by a lot of things.  As my blog readers, this is not Earth-shattering news to you.

One of those things, however, is NOT recording.  Maybe it soothes my OCD, I’m not really certain–it just doesn’t bother me at all.  But a lot of people find it tedious to document things.  Cool, cannot under any circumstance, remember, find the time, or be bothered to record her daily calories.  It is just never going to happen–despite my nagging.

Documenting is helpful in the fitness realm.  It’s half the battle, really.  I think a lot of people know HOW to lose or maintain weight–but just find it tedious to DO.  And I agree, making the daily good choices (when there are so many bad options assaulting you from every side, all the time) is the very hardest part of all.  But second to actually sticking with your plan–is keeping track of the plan.

I guess I’m one of very few that LIKES to input my daily calories.  I don’t find it bothersome to look up the foods or try to remember the amounts at all.  And I like the visual, quantitative representation of my calories in, calories out.  Best of all, it helps me make good decisions when I have to, and fun choices when I don’t.  It’s when I don’t keep track that things go astray–as in the case of the notoruious birthday 5 thousand plus calories.

So I challenge you–whatever the goal just stick with it for 26 days.  Attach it to an activity that you already do or like to do.  An example is when I was trying to do daily crunchies.  And there is just no time during the day I WANT to do them.  Or that fits in my schedule.  So I told myself I could not shower unless I did a certain number of crunches first.  I HAVE to shower.  Every.  Day.  There is no reason I will miss a shower–not if I can help it.  So it totally worked.  Soon, I just didn’t feel right about showering unless I did crunchies prior to entering the water.

OK, enough you’re saying–I am a couch potatoe and want to stay that way.  I hear you–I am truly an obese person on the inside.  I’ll talk about another daily habit that you readers will be interested in:  Blogging.  Even my favorite bloggers don’t usually post every day as I do.  I don’t mind writing at least a note every day, and I miss it if I don’t post for a day.  I made it my habit to post daily by (again) attaching it to something else I already do for 26 days.

I naturally arise at 4:45 AM.  So instead of just surfing the net aimlessly while I drink my coffee, I write a quick post.  Or just a draft.  Or maybe just laze out and copy and paste a link to something that will inspire a post.  Coffee = posting.  And there is no way I’m going to miss my morning caffeine.  At any rate, whatever habit you’re trying to cement just pick something and never do the two things without one another.  And no matter what, follow through for at least 26 days.

I promise, you’ll feel more out of sorts if you DON’T do it.