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Alcohol Disrupts Sleep

17 Jun

As promised, I came up with a post on alcohol–though sans meaningful research facts.  You can take this idea and look up the facts yourself.

Alcohol disrupts sleep.  And I don’t mean because you’re puking or hung-over.  And it isn’t even because you’re out (or up) late drinking.  As I mentioned, per the usual, this is my blog so I’m not going to go through the trouble of citing peer-reviewed journals that substantiate my claims.  That is just too much work for something I’m not getting graded on or paid to do.  You have the internet at your fingertips–check it out for yourselves.  I guess I had already previously written a disclaimer before I typed a new one today.  Now you know my secret draft-writing, and blog-adding/editing over days or weeks, process.  Shhhh-don’t tell.

Anyhow, I was reading that drinking alcohol within three hours of sleeping makes you fall asleep faster initially.  You will have more REM then usual in that first half of the night.  Then, the second half of the night is sleepless, more wakeful, or lighter sleep then usual.  And even if you are sleeping in that second half of the night–it isn’t the good, restful kind you need to rejuvenate for the next day.

That’s why after a beer, a glass of wine, or a nightcap you wake up tired the next day.  And the worst part of all–effects can be long term.  Maybe drinking a glass of wine (or beer) every night is good for your heart–but it’s bad for your sleep.  And your liver.  Habitual drinkers, even when they don’t decide to drink that night, sleep worse.  Not fair!

And if you’re sitting in front of your computer thinking, “That doesn’t affect me, I’m not an alke!” It DOES if you drink at all–amount of alcohol consumed doesn’t really matter.  It’s the time.  So make sure you drink earlier in the day if you want to be more productive the next day.  Or just don’t drink alcohol at all.  If you can manage it.