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18 Jun

Before I get to the real topic at hand–I’m going to stop to acknowledge a milestone:  My first hater-comment on this blog.  So it wasn’t SUPER bad, and maybe I’m just oversensitive, but the manner in which it was typed was not in a friendly tone, that’s for sure.

I’ve had disgruntled responses on other blogs I’ve commented on.  But I know I’ve really made it in the blogging world now that someone took the time to say something marginally nasty on one of my posts.  It means someone is LOOKING at what I write.  And let me tell you–it’s been an extremely slow process (and an on-going one) to find any kind of audience at all.  Until very recently, only my mate read some posts–and only then when I begged her to do so.  So having an opposing opinion is actually good–even if the person is sort of a lame-ass for being rude.  My hater criticized my laziness and said I shouldn’t complain about researching topics.  Both valid points.

BUT I feel OK about it, because I have never, ever purported my blog to be an academically-sound, completely factual professional domain.  I have always maintained that what I write about are MY uncensored, and possibly unsubstantiated opinions.  I wouldn’t turn this in for any class assignment or try to get paid for my blogging efforts, but I write for ME. And if it happens to entertain my readers or reach out to someone–awesome.  If you’re looking for research and valid facts–go elsewhere on the internet, you won’t find it here–not consistently anyway. MY choice if I want to invest the time to do research for you or not.  Hello–as much as I love to write–I have other priorities in life.  Thanks to those of you who keep reading and keep “liking.”

Now on to a related topic:  I guess some people can feel disappointed or angry or whatever–then just get over it.  I’m not certain how some people can just let it roll off their back and forget about it when they’re slighted.  I don’t know how they do it–or it it’s even possible.  I’m suspicious someone they know is getting an ear-full.  Maybe they don’t release annoyance so that I know about it, but I’m pretty sure it comes out somewhere. . .  How could you just get over things?

Obviously, I’m not opaque when it comes to my feelings.  My face and manner pretty much convey my thoughts.  Which is sometimes bad, but not ALL bad.  I figure it’s a pain when I am obviously disgruntled. Especially, when people know that they are the cause of my bad mood–and they don’t care or want to deal.  But on the same token–you know what’s going on with me.  I’m never mysterious to figure out.

But I really do try not to openly SAY a lot about it when I’m pissed.  I don’t love a direct confrontation.  So even though you can TELL if I’m upset, it’s not like I’m going to yell or cry about it.  Except on my blog.  That’s the place where all anger/frustration/disappointment is talked about then subsequently released.  Which is exactly like one of my favorite singers, Brandi Carlile.

Carlile has received rave reviews for her lyrics. “You can tell the songs that are mine lyrically because I tend to write from a place of discontentment,” she told Star Polish. “I write about things I’m puzzled about or I’m worried about or the things that upset me because that’s how I communicate with myself.”

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And I feel that exact same way!