Just One False Move

20 Jun

And it would be all over for me. I am just one step away from financial/romantic/career/*insert huge trouble here* ruin. I think a lot of adults forget when they were young and everything was tenuous. Security and control is not for the young–unless you have some sort of trust fund I would guess. You have to be established to garner such prizes as peace of mind in life. My boss informed me that my health insurance would be revoked when my new (now part-time) schedule commences in the fall. At the subsequent serious talk (which I will get into on another post) she recommended I get health insurance elsewhere. To her, life without health insurance is unfathomable. And I suppose someone who married a doctor and has a little wealth would never consider leaving herself open to disaster like that.

What she doesn’t understand is I have to choose my protection and securities wisely. Any number of incidents and I would be royally screwed. So sure, if I had some sort of heart attack running on the track I’d lose my good credit to outstanding medical bills. And if all the bones in my hand were crushed and I couldn’t work–it might mean long term trouble for me.

But also, if my apartment burned down because of a stupid neighbor, if my car broke down, or if Cool left on short notice–it would mess everything up. Any number of unexpected things would have a huge impact on my precarious life position.

So I’m happy betting on a tragedy close to home. I put my money on renter’s insurance because everything of value is in my apartment and my neighbors are really stupid. . . Hopefully my health holds out until I get a big-girl job and some real $$$$ so I don’t HAVE to gamble on security.

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