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Pintrest a.k.a The Devil

24 Jun

The mother of time-suckers.

I knew better then to sign up.  But I have, and now it’s ALL over.  This sort of categorization is right up my OCD alley.  Once I begin, I can’t stop searching for new pins and organizing them onto the appropriate boards.  But they look so good!

Besides the time-warp aspect, I am finding really awesome ideas and plans for the loft I want in the future.  And I’m not quite sure it if makes me excited about my future, or just makes things look bleak b/c probability of these pins becoming reality seems small right now.  I guess I’ll take the former for mental health reasons.  Also, I’m pinning/dreaming for some sort of reception or house-warming party.  And a procuring a lot of quotes–which I have always loved.

I have intentionally avoided:  Food, DYI, crafts, art, and animals because I know that is a Pandora’s box.  I would never leave that vortex once I entered. . .

But looking at all those quotes and seeing all those buff bods made me go run 3 miles (more on this in a coming post) yesterday afternoon.  Normally unheard of on a Saturday when I’m very tired from work–so I guess it’s not ALL bad.  Except, by focusing on the Pintrest silliness, which is just shopping without spending, money–it is taking time away from more important activities.  Reading and outlining anatomy, studing anatomy vocab flashcards, reviewing the organelles, writing my anatomy paper on ALS, practicing dysphagia recipes, writing blogs, reading for enjoyment (while I still can), running or at least doing the Wii, cleaning–pretty much EVERYthing else.

Maybe I will set a time-limit for myself to keep time-wasting to a minimum.  Yes, that’s what I will do!  Tomorrow 😛