The elusive (for me) 8 min mile

27 Jun

You already heard about those strange cramps in lower belly that occur when I run.  What I neglected to say was–I have stopped being lazy (momentarily) and started running consistently!  Yay me.  I started doing it because it helped Cool’s depression to exercise.  And there is no chance Cool was going to exercise if I didn’t.  So we went.  And it was is so difficult to ignore the crummy weather, get dressed, and get to the track.

But we dragged ourselves.  Once I began running, I soon had a goal (more in a second on this).  And once I had a goal–there was no stopping me.  Though it is still SO hard to get my britches out there–especially during Washington’s June-uary clouds/wind/rain.  Side-note:  Why is Spokompton the coldest place in the ENTIRE country, 2nd coldest on the continent (after Canada’s Calgary), and cooler then Siberia?????!!!!!  I feel it’s a personal affront, and it better be warm for my birthday in 11 days.  But now I’m WANTING to do the running part, and I’m actually mad if the weather interferes.

As a bonus, running makes me feel good.  It gives me good endorphin immediately afterward, makes my body feel better, and gives me a clear and (more) positive mind long-term.

It just might be the running that allows me to feel OK about my new summer work schedule.  I’ve actually been pretty upbeat about the whole thing–I think thanks to the exercise.  I always have felt better when I exercise–it’s just hard to find/make time to do so.  Especially when I’m tired and stressed.  Which is, ironically, when I need it MOST.

And my body is getting toned.  And I’m so excited I’ve been losing some weight as a result–which I will tell you about, blog posse’.  Though I’m really stoked about it, that’s the sort of thing that NO one wants to hear about.  And since I’m already petite, they might even give me a rough time about it.  I had love handles, a belly, thighs–I may have been thin, but everyone has their trouble areas.  I see nothing wrong with losing some fat–and you KNOW I still eat.  Actually, running lets me eat about 2,000 Calories a day, and still lose weight.  14 pounds since November!!!  Though I fear the majority is in my chest area, as somehow I lost 2 or 2.5 inches in my bust (we measure for Cool–she gained 35 pounds over the winter).  I have not weighed in the low hundreds I think since before my Sophomore year of high school–and maybe even before that–I can’t quite remember.  So it’s a nice side effect of trying to reach my running goals.

Back to that:  I’m going for a mile in 8 minutes.  It feels FAST.  It is so, so, so hard for me too!  I feel like I don’t have great running form.  I know my 400 meters are not nearly fast enough on their own, let alone several of them in a row.  And the major obstacle = my mental perspective.  Mental strngth seems to evade me.  This may be true in life too.  And it certainly pays to think positively and have strong mental configuration during a run–and when faced with challenges in life.  During that mile, it is all about your mind the whole time, but on lap 3, and when you’re supposed to kick it up a notch on that last lap and especially at that last 200 meters.

At any rate, that’s my scene lately:  Sleep, go to work, study some anatomy, run.  Hence my fairly boring posting as of late.  Anyone with any running/mental hints–I’d appreciate them!

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