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Cord Confusion

29 Jun

Obviously when I run I need music.  And I have the most awesome ipod ever-“Sunny-Pod.”  It’s a 8 or 16 GB capacity, thin, gold ipod with a (free) engraving that says, “To see sunshine, you must weather the storm.”  LOVE.  Also, it has a pedometer, and a stopwatch that will capture my splits.  My ear buds that go with it are noise canceling–and work perfectly too.  Even riding Seattle’s bus system, I could only hear my relatively quiet music, not the chatter, engine, and city noises.  The music set-up:  So Awesome.

The only thing that is not awesome is the cord.  I stick the cord under my tank/tee and either tuck Sunny-Pod into my waistband or a pocket if I have one.  More ecently, I have preferred holding SunnyPod in my hand to keep an eye on my time, to change the song if it’s not optimal, and to adjust the volume as necessary.

BUT if SunnyPod is tucked away the cord gets caught in my arm swing, and the cord slips down my shirt so the buds start to pull out of my ears, so I’m wasting time by constantly tugging the cord up out of my shirt.   And when I’m holding SunnyPod in my hand to get my time, capture splits, change the song, and control volume–all things I want to do–the cord feels too short.

My shirt makes the cord go lower and my natural arm swing is just a bit too much of a stretch–it pulls the buds out of my ears.  I feel like a shorter shirt might help me run with SunnyPod in my hand without unnaturally shortening my arm swing to accomodate.  And I know you’re thinking maybe I should just run in my sports bra–but I would be mortified.  It would make me feel too exposed and too much like a sorostitute.

Facebook friends suggested pinning or taping the cord.  But one–it seems a lot of work every time I run, and two it sounds uncomfortable.  Sweating, pulling, taking it off–sound like 3 problems with that method.  A blue tooth cordless option would be ideal, but it’s expensive, and I think I’d have to give up my noise-cancelling ear buds.  Maybe for the longer term.

Once I had an arm band, but many things are wrong with that:  A)  You can’t constantly see the stopwatch or capture splits without breaking stride.  B)  If volume in songs is drastically different it takes some doing to adjust it.  And have you ever had a really quiet song followed by a SUPER loud one?  Torture.  Hearing aids are not very sexy when you’re 30.  C)  The resulting tan line is ugly and unsymmetrical.  D)  The arm band gets all sweaty and yucky.  I never did figure out how to really get mine clean without compromising the closure on it.  E)  Worst of all-the arm band eventually stretches.  The first one I had started on my wrist, stretched to bicep size, went to my ankle, and when it stretched to the size of my theigh I ditched it–I don’t need a belt!

And I am NOT willing to run sans music. What’s a girl to do?  Any ideas out there?  Do I just need the patents to catch up with my problems?  It shouldn’t be so difficult to come up with a feasible solution. . .