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Pants Around My Ankles

1 Jul

To maximize my chance of getting to the track to run–that’s the hardest part you know–I changed into my running clothes at work.  This meant going into the small bathroom (after clocking out at the end of the day, for those keeping track) and going from scrubs to tank and shorts.

As a lazy person, I didn’t want to take off my sneakers in order to take off my (narrow ankled) scrub pants only to have to put the shoes back on.  It was a good, time-saving plan.  And one I could execute without sitting down in the (sometimes icky b/c of the house cats) bathroom.

Well, things went awry in a hurry.  When my pants were halfway over the sneaker–they got stuck.  I couldn’t get the pants off.  I tugged until I heard ripping noises.  Better not.  And I couldn’t get them back on either to just start over and take the shoes off.  The pant cuff was just directly around the girth of my shoe.  Trapping me.

So I’m standing in the work bathroom (in my underwear) with my pants stuck on my sneakers.  I can’t leave the bathroom and sit down or get help–because, well, I’m in my underwear.  So I just pulled frantically, ripping fabric noise or not!  For a good 15 minutes I was stuck there like that.

Lesson learned:  It does not save time to try to take pants off without first removing the shoes.  It only seems like it will save time.