Anatomy of Vacation

2 Jul

I have the longest stretch of work off since maybe ever.  With holiday time, vacation time, and normal days off–I get a whole 5.5 days off.  In a row.  3.5 of them PAID.  Since I started working, I have never indulged such a luxury.  It feels good.  Happy birth-month to me!

In honor of such a festive occasion, here is the itinerary of a normal vacation:

The first day off is all about preperation for the fun-time. You pack, sleep, take care of the car, and set up things at home for when you’ll be away.

Day two is mostly driving to whatever local, but a little fun, food, and drink squeezed in (although you are really tired from driving).

3rd Day is the best day!  You’re there, you’re rested, and you’re ready for some fun (and food).

Then its time to go home, do laundry, and recuperate on day 4.

Day 5 is for finishing clean-up from the prior trip if necessary.  Also, you get things on your to-do list accomplished.  It’s really awesome when you have time to do things you’ve been wanting to do.  Maybe you can even clean your house.

Day 6 you get ready to go back to work.  You mentally dread going back to work the entire day.

And it’s over in the blink of an eye.  Vacation is never long enough to have all the fun, relaxation, and productiveness you anticipated.  But you’re still willing to try it again 😉

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