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Happy January 1st!

4 Jul

Just as an example–I know I’m about 6 months off.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it makes me crazy that the majority have lost the true meanings of the holidays this country recognizes:

Thanksgiving = food and Black Friday shopping sprees and discounts (at the expense of common decency and employee days off).

Christmas = Gift-giving, decorating, entertaining frenzy-spend, spend, spend!!!

Easter = baby animals and candy.

Memorial Day = 3 day weekend BBQ.

St. Patrick’s Day = getting belligerently drunk

Halloween = candy + strangers

And the worst:  Valentine’s Day = total travesty

And now that we’re coming upon it, I am really annoyed that we can’t even get the NAME right: INDEPENDANCE DAY. It is not called “4th of July” any more then Christmas is called “December 25.”  I am so annoyed to not only hear people saying the date (and only the date, never the NAME of the holiday) but to read it on signs.  July 4th is the date which the anneversary occurs. In the beginning of July, we celebrate Independence Day–yeesh.

Have a happy one, everybody 😀