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Last Day of Year 28

6 Jul

And it was a pretty good one.  Didn’t do anything spectacular–Studied Anatomy for what felt like forever this morning, walked downtown for the 4th or 5th time this week.  Watched a movie with Cool.  Did 45 min of Wii Fit.  Listened to music.  The regular pretty much.  I guess it’s what I DIDN’T do that makes the day great–no work.  That was nice.

I really had to make an effort not to post yesterday.  I’m trying to train myself to study rather then blogging every day.  Anyhow, now that I’m letting myself type–I feel scattered.  Just goes to show how habits are dependent on at least a little effort every.  single. day.  One day off and it throws the whole scene off.

The thing about the last day, means that tomorrow is a new beginning.  And that calls for evaluation and goals:

I’m glad my 28th year is over.  It’s not that it was terrible–but the biggest event was final rejection from vet school.  Not the most awesome.  But at least the chase is over.  I feel good focusing on something attainable.  And I’m excited for the Speech and Hearing Sciences.  I feel like I may have a chance at it.  And the hours (and mentality) will be better.  As will the cost of schooling and the job outlook.

Aside from starting over on the career front, I was waaaay better at getting off the couch and exercising this year.  Joining the YMCA last August, then going to the all-weather track as soon as the temperatures reached 60 degrees wasn’t always easy.  But totally worth it.  I can’t say my diet was improved, but at least I am now aware of calories, where I wasn’t before.  Not that I mind my nutrients, drink water, or eat produce as I should–but I at least try to stick in within my BMI’s allotment of calories (in the week, not necessarily every day).  I feel really good and healthy.  Though now I need new summer shorts and skirts 😦  Which sucks, because there is not extra money to do so.  I bobby-pinned some shorts yesterday and have been cinching everything else with belts.

I need glasses.  I really, really need to get myself to the dentist.

That’s the big news.  Now I have just one more year until my personality is cemented forever.  Before then:

Worry less.  Mind my portion sizes.  Don’t get caught up.  Keep my stress in check.  Try to eat more produce (not necessarily less junk/carbs).  Save money for moving.  Drink water.  Directly say what is bothering me–and suggest how to fix it, instead of passive-aggressive maneuvers.  Write nicer things.  Read more.  Cost-benefit analysis.  Use a nicer tone of voice–especially when super-annoyed, mad, or impatient.  Let go.  Don’t get overwrought.  Pay off the entire Visa balance.  Floss daily.  Try to be agreeable.  Don’t take everything so personally.  Maintain eye contact.  Demand respect, but give it too.  Show affection.  Disengage gossip–even when I agree with the point.  Primp a little for work.  Remember people are reading.  Stretch before running.  Mind my undergrad loans.  Don’t collect items.  Help Cool do the laundry (even though I HATE leaving the apartment to do it!).  Touch people.  Chalk it up to self-involvement instead of a personal affront when people are butt-heads.  Only organize important things.  Bide my time–but be positive daily.  Cook more.  Be more patient–especially with question-askers.  Exercise (even in cold or rain or when it really sucks) because it really helps my stress level.  Love on my buddies more.  Don’t always jump to the worst conclusion about people’s intentions.  Laugh more.  Treat others like I want to be treated.  Don’t get bogged down in negativity and cynicism.  Get annoyed less.