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25 Jul

I am about to put some facts that people will not like into my own words.  NOT lazy at all-go me!  I garnered these facts from a peer-reviewed study complete with references.  So don’t argue with me–go to the researchers of these studies and give them the ear-ful.  Even if you don’t wanna b!t(h me out for disagreeing with the hype, check out this research–it is chalk-full of interesting factoids and stats about Ciliac’s and Gluten-Free Diets.

Now that I’ve gone through the disclaimer, on to the fun stuff:  This gluten-free trend mystifies me.  I honestly do not understand where it came from, why it is such a thing now, and who it benefits.  It seems very difficult (and unnecessary in most cases) to erase all traces of gluten from a diet–and. . .  Why?  Gluten adversely affects those with Cialiacs Disease.  That’s what I gather.  And that disease, has been found in less the 1% of the population.

There is a (costly) diagnostic test for Cilia’s Disease, and I am pretty certain a lot of people demanding high maintenance food accommodations–have not been diagnosed with Ciliac’s.  Mean age of onset is 35-ish in females and 40 in males.  So why are parents making school districts go gluten-free?  Also, testing for the disease is a question, because symptoms are varied, fleeting, or entirely absent.

I suspect a few things about this trend:

1:  high-maintenance and pretentious people love getting accommodated.  Who cares if you do not actually have real (pervasive) symptoms, have never been diagnosed with Ciliac’s Disease, or even knew about this gluten free stuff before reading the internet this year.  Gluten-free demands attention, special treatment, and it’s a medical concern!

2:  Food establishments are going to capitalize on trends.  If people are talking about it, demanding it, and paying more for it–restaurants and other food sellers are going to advertise and offer it for sure.  What do they care if the trend makes SENSE or not?

3:  Someone, somewhere is putting this gluten-free stuff out there.  They are selling books, writing diet tips, and jotting things down on the internet in the hopes of making money off the idea.

There–I said it.  I think people with Ciliac’s Disease already know what they have to do to avoid symptoms.  And being a lifelong problem, they have known for a long time.  By making this gluten-free issue a trend, we are trivializing their health concerns and making ourselves look like asses in the process.  Give.  Me.  A.  Break.