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Busy Bee

29 Jul

Work has been insanely busy. I don’t actually mind one bit. It’s when the business is overwhelming due to idiotic scheduling that I get infuriated.  Or maybe I’m just relaxed on account of all the running I’ve been doing.  I am sub-8 min/miles now, in case you were wondering.

And the cadence of work itself is not really the exhausting part. It’s the afore-mentioned stupidity and knowing I’m in a frenzy because someone was too lazy to do their job, or when other people act like shit-heads, impossible and frustrating clients, and comminication errors. It’s THOSE things that make me really crazy.

And when my boss just INFORMS me I will be staying late–instead of at least making the gesture to ask.  I don’t like that either.  I guess that’s anyone in power for you.  But at least sometimes she THANKS me for doing so.  And I hope she really does appreciates my efforts.

Running my feet off at work doesn’t bother me.  Really, I kinda like it because it makes the day go by faster. And the more legit teching things I am busy with, the less wall-scrubbing I have time for. And who doesn’t love that?!  As long as I’m not in over my head or completely overwhelmed–I would rather be busy.

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