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GORGEous Weekend is Upon Us

31 Aug

Labor DAVE weekend is just around the corner.  After much anticipation, I believe I am as prepared as I will ever be.

The Clothes:

My running sneakers for comfort and coverage.  Cargo green capries that tie or can hang down.  So I have a lot of pockets and they are versatile and warm or cool.  A running tee-back tank that is slicky for layering purposes.  A long sleeve in case it gets cold at night.  +/- a jacket or hoodie.  I’m not sure I want to carry it, but know that I do NOT want to get chilly.

The Plan:

Hang out in the park prior to the concert.  Go early to secure good parking and chill to music.  Get to our seats on the proper day and correct time to actually view the DBM concert this year!  Then car-camp–somewhere free–afterwards.

Preferred Setlist:

Don’t Drink the Water

Hello Again

Funny the Way It Is


Tripping Billies

Big Eyed Fish


Two Step

Hunger for the Great Light


The Stone

Too High

Grace is Gone

Dancing Nancies

I Did It

Jimmy Thing


So Much to Say

You And Me

The Maker

Ants Marching

I am excited!  It is finally here.  I will see it this time, have fun, and will NOT worry about this muscle tee shirt assignment (I’ll talk of this later, when I’m finished not thinking about it), studying, or work.  Middle-Washington–here we come!!!!

New Semester, New Schedule

29 Aug

This post is mostly for me.  I have to balance studying and earning money and maximize my time.  I have not included setting out the next day’s clothes ahead of time, grabbing food for lunches and snacks, or packing bags as those things are a given.  Here is my general guideline that I want to stick to:


-Wake up by 5:07 AM.  Drink a minimum of 16 oz coffee and study Anatomy notes for 30 min.  Then read/outline/answer chapter questions for Language Development.

-Get to work by 7 AM (better yet, 6:50 AM) at latest, take 30 min lunch and no longer. [10 hr]

-Go to bed no later then 9 PM.


-Wake up no later then 5:37 AM–preferably earlier.  Drink a max. of 6 oz coffee.  Study class notes.

-Anatomy from 8:30-9:45 AM

-Bring some sort of (protein-rich) snack to eat

-Do NOT under any circumstance go home.  It’s a waste of gas, and not enough time to accomplish anything anyway.  Also, it is too tempting not to go back to school for that 2nd class.  Instead, go for a walk, go to the library, or walk downtown.  Preferably some sort of outdoor calorie-burner w/flashcards or study sheet.

-11:30-12:45 PM go to Language Development

-go home and eat.

-immediately study

-Try really, really hard to get a run in.  Or some sort of exercise.


-Get to work by 5AM (in the 4s would be even better!) and clean/organize/tend to house cats until 7-ish when co-workers get into my grill.  Remember to bring (fully charged) i-pod & wear running clothes.  [about 2-2.5 hr; =12-12.5 ish in wk]

–>I realize this might sound crazy to some, but I find this morning cleaning session WAAAAAY easier to gear up for then the Thursday night one.  I’m fresh in the mornings, and would rather just get it done before there are distractions.  At 4 and 5 AM, no one is awake to pester me, Cool isn’t up vieing for my attention, nothing is on TV, no restaurants are open to lure me to spend money I shouldn’t, etc, etc. . .

-Go directly to the track and run.  Or take a nap and then run.  Do these things prior to having any caffeine.  I won’t feel tired Wednesday, but it starts to catch up Thursday, and this early morning makes me SUPER tired by Friday (if I haven’t napped.  Like last week).  And we all know that when I get tired, I get crabby.  And stressed.  And worried.  Then, I get sick.  Then I’m reallllllllly grumpy.  And no one wants to deal with that.  So nap before caffeine.  No matter what my mind/body tries to tell me at the time.


-Get in bed and read (for enjoyment!) no later then 7:30 PM.  Go to sleep no later then 8 PM.  Even if I’m not all that tired.  I’ll be glad I did later in the week.


-Get up by 5:37 AM, drink no more then 12 oz coffee, and study class notes.

-Repeat Tuesday

-Run at track!  No plus or minus about it.  I need to be in a proper mental state before Friday/Saturday of work.

-Go in to work for an hour in the evening and clean/prep for Friday and set up I131. [30 min; = 12.5-13 in wk]

-Go to sleep no later then 8:30 PM.


-Repeat Monday [10 hr; = 22.5-23 in wk]

+/- run at track


-Get to work no later then 7 AM and clean/prep.  Work until noon-1, get out ASAP to see Cool [5-6 hr; = 27.5-29 in wk]

-Cook ahead for the week.  Not necessary every week, since we have handy-dandy freezer quick meals prepared ahead of time.



-Try hard to sleep in.

-NOTHING.  No scheduled activities.  Take this day off to spend with Cool, relax,and recharge.

-Well, except for grocery shopping weeks.  Sunday is the best time to go grocery shopping.  But that’s it.

-Massage Sunday!  Go to sleep no later then 9 PM.

Life List

27 Aug

In the face of all these early and unexpected deaths in my family–it makes you think about longevity.  I’m most concerned about my parents who share largely the same genetics of their older sibs who just passed away relatively young.  But the genetics affect me too.  Well, here is a list of things I want to do while I’m still in my prime.

Foods I want to eat:

Quail (done on my 29th b-day!), squab, rabbit, real jambalaya, bacon ice cream. . .

Events I want to attend:

Reno Balloon Races-Dawn Patrol, Nevada-Day 3 day weekend w/Cool, SXSW, Napa Valley Wine Tasting, Australia beer train, tour of (or party at) a house-boat, Oregon State Fair, some WNBA games. . .

Things I Want to Do:

swim with turtles, swim with dolphin (other sea fish swimmey), play on Sea-dos again, go on another river kayaking trip, pole vault again, and complete a triathlon, rub Dawn dish-soap on poor little marine life devastated by oil spills.

Places I want to go:

Australia, Italy cruise, every state.  Specifically:  Back to Missouri, take Cool to TN, Bourban Street in New Orleans, Native American places in SD, San Fran (but with Cool), Portland with someone local, see my Pintrest for more detailed places and pictures.

Have you ever noticed that in order to compose dreams you need to compare to someone or be inspired by something?  I suppose if I didn’t come in contact with other people I would be perfectly happy and content to just maintain.  So I realize I have forgotten crucial things under all of these headings–obviously there is a lot I want to eventually do in life.  And these are just the frivolous things–not the all-important life GOALS, which are far different then dreams.


The Komodo (Dragon)s!

25 Aug

WHEN Cool and I are rich, we are going to purchase a WNBA team.

It’s the team-owners that drive the sport and the hype.  And America does not have nearly enough support for all the talented female basketball players.  Firstly, there has to be a team to cheer on.  There needs to be many teams, one in all of the important places across the country.  Then, there has to be huge hype to generate crowd excitement, which ultimately generates revenue.  Where there is hype, there will be talented players.

Women’s BB has an overabundance of talented players, but not a lot of places to play, and hardly any hype.  The consequence:  No money.  So there isn’t a bunch more athletic hopefuls.  The WNBA is missing out on some of the world’s best female basketball players, because those gals can make more money playing for other leagues in foreign countries.  France?  Russia?  You read that right.  FIBA is apparently a BIG deal.  How sad for the best (basketball) country in the world.  America, there ARE sports aside from Football, you know!

Cool and I will move to change all of this with our team.  It will be in Colorado of course–because hopefully that is where we will end up long term.  The mascot will be the Komodo Dragon.  Maybe just the Komodos.  I’m not sure yet.  Anyway, this animal is bad-a$$!  It’s big, it’s fast, and it can climb and bite and dig.  Very cool stuff–check out my post on the Wiki Real Life Dragons.

And if you look, the mascott doesn’t necessarily have to be in the vicinity of the team:  Lions, Tigers, Panthers, as examples.  And it’s super-lame to base the women’s team off of the men’s version already established.  Cool and my team will be it’s own entity–we don’t need to base our name, color, and mascot on the NBA counterpart.

Plus the komodo dragons will convey well.  You can render them cute or scary.  I can see the merch now–I’d wear it.  Maybe I’ll design some and wear it about before we garner the money to actually buy a team.  I’m certain it will be a crowd-pleaser.  I forgot to mention, our colors will be:  Black white checker (reminiscent of the NASCAR flag) and Green.  A nice pretty green–that just happens to bring out the green in MY eyes.  The uniforms will be exceptionally cute.  I’m thinking volleyball-style ribbons to roll up the sleeves.  And certainly not super, super long jerseys where you can see the tuck-in line under the shorts.  Our WNBA team’s uniforms will flatter and be functional.

Chime in if you have any ideas to add 😀

Roll with the Punches or Throw Some: Riverpoint Strikes Again

23 Aug

I am just a magnet for bad luck.  No matter how well-prepared I am–it will find me.  I felt like I was ready for fall semester.  Over-prepared, really, to the chagrin of campus staff.  I definitely pestered every pertinant department, trying to get ahead during the summer break:  I bought my parking permit as early as the school would allow, tried to take care of financial aid early on, and printed the syllabus and notes that were available to me.  And yet–there were problems, problems on my first day of school.  What else could there be?

Halfway through anatomy class, lightning flashed and the power cut out.  The last 30-45 minutes commenced in the dark.  Apparently, there is no generator at WSU’s Riverpoint Campus.  As a result, we are already behind on the syllabus.  Which normally wouldn’t be a bad thing, but you know the prof will make us do double-time elsewhere to make that up. . .  Anyway, at the end of class, some TA came in with the instructor’s children and mentioned in passing that power wasn’t supposed to be back on until 2 PM.  My next class was 11:30-12:45 PM.

So I didn’t know if I would have class or not.  I went straight to my advisor’s door to avoid any confusion.  And of course, she wasn’t in yet (once it starts, you can’t beat the bad luck).  I didn’t know who else to ask, and couldn’t get a good WiFi connection on my Kindle *gerr*  So I went home, if for nothing else to check my e-mail and my phone (which I had forgotten) for any alerts.

And there were none.  No e-mail.  No message on Facebook.  Nothing on the Riverpoint Campus webpage.  Nothing on the Riverpoint Alerts page.  No information.  So I couldn’t put on my jammies. I could not begin any project or studying in depth.  I just sort of killed time until I had to go back to school.  And while I was waiting, I e-mailed:  My instructor, my Advisor, head of my department, and someone in the main office at school.  Also, I wrote on the school’s and my major’s Facebook pages asking if anyone else knew–with the response, “There’s a power outage?”  I assume from that other people knew even LESS then I did.  Or the school had fixed the power so quickly no one else knew there had been a problem.  Either way.

Since I heard nothing, I figured my class would commence as scheduled.

Did I mention yet that it was raining?  Randomly, it was raining super-hard on the first day of fall semester–in August.  When just the day before it had been 90 degrees and too sunny to run.  So on my way back to class I got soaked.  It was miserable walking around campus in pouring rain.  And I had substantial walking to do.

BECAUSE on my official schedule the location of my class was listed:  General University Classroom.  And I didn’t know where that was, but there are only a few buildings on campus, so I wandered through looking for such a thing.  Unsuccessfully.  I was going to be running late (if class was still proceeding as scheduled) so I stopped at Student Information and asked.  The gal working the desk looked momentarily confused and asked, “Is that what your schedule says?”  “Vague, huh” I replied.  Then she  just asked for the number of my course–she could look it up that way.

The room (called SCC 147) was right around the corner from the help desk.  And on the doorway was a hand-written sign telling me my class was cancelled due to the power outage.  As you can guess–I was infuriated.  And since I was on campus and had wasted so much time and gas already, not to mention this JUST happened to me during winter semester’s blizzard–I went to my department’s hall to raise hell.  I was set to chew some a$$ and tell someone important that this repetitive non-communication was unacceptable.

Alas, the hallways were dark, and I could hear voices, but I didn’t want to walk in on a meeting or a class or something, so I began to leave.  Then, I crossed paths with my Anatomy Prof, who said hello.  I said maybe she could help me, as I didn’t know who I should be looking for to discuss my concerns.

She said [in cap. letters, my unvoiced thoughts in lowercase]:

A]  Riverpoint never cancels class.

a}  Wrong.

B]  The Riverpoint security are like, big New Yorkers.

b}  Umm, OK.

C]  Obviously, they (meaning anyone in charge in my department) have no access to Riverpoint, though SHE does on her Mac-Book or whatever.

c}  Other instructors/department chairs/people in power must also have access to internet on personal devices.  Use them to inform students.  Somewhere.  Or leave campus to do it.  Make a phone call.  PS–MAKE communication happen.  Just because the obvious solution of internet is removed, doesn’t mean there is no means of communication, and it certainly does not mean staff and faculty should just not try at all.

D]  “Be Flexible.”

d}  bitch, I’m gonna slap you *un-uttered, obviously*

“Be flexible.”  I retort, “Be professional.”  Or at least not so inept.  Speech and Hearing Sciences is a major and department completely revolving around communication.  COMMUNICATION!  Is it really so much to ask to know when class is, and where it will be held?  When I am paying $3500 (plus interest b/c that is loan money) I have some expectations.  And I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Right now it’s an annoyance.  A severe annoyance.  But if ever some crazed gunman cuts the power on the Riverpoint campus and goes on a shooting rampage–as happens more frequently then it should (per the news).  Well, I’m a gonner.  I will be one of the people shot, because I’ll still be hanging about campus trying to figure out what’s going on.  Because certainly no one will have told me anything.  I will get killed because I will be wandering about, lost and confused, trying to decide if class has been cancelled or not.

I think that removes the matter from the realm of flexibility.

Janeane Garofalo

21 Aug

I liked her dry humor and sarcasm when she was popular.  Where did she go, anyway? Did she retire, stop getting hired, settle down, move?  I always wonder. . .  She was all over the screen in the 1990s, and now you hardly hear from her.

When I did hear from her, she was doing some Seattle comedy TV special. And she tried to tell the audience that she was A-sexual. Meaning she doesn’t have sex with anyone.  Which is fine.  It’s a thing, I guess.  Though I have to wonder why.  But if you don’t wanna have relationships or sex your entire life–have at it.  Or don’t, I guess.  Except, in Garofalo’s case, I don’t buy it. She’s a total lesbian!  Total.  I think the only reason she claims/thinks she’s A-sexual is that her family is staunch Catholic. And gay and Catholic don’t mix well in most cases. At the very least, combining both is very, very difficult.  So I think rather then take the hard road, she gave up love and sex all-together.

Or maybe that’s just what she says to escape conflict and she’s secretly shaking up with a woman somewhere. . .

On the same track, why do celebrities/people say, “My sexuality is nobody’s business” ???  True, explicit details of sex lives are not all that relevant to the public–this holds true for everyone.  But sexuality has to be actively hidden.  The person in question has to mindfully avoid pronouns, secretively date/live, and be constantly careful.  It’s more then just protecting your personal business, it is (internally) homophobic to try to keep such a big piece of life on the D.L.

It would be akin to a Jewish person saying their religion is nobody’s business then actively trying to hide it and not acknowledge their religion/heritage.  I think people say their sexuality is nobody’s business are really saying that it is nobody’s right to judge such a personal, important, pervasive, and unchangeable part of themselves.  Because, sure, it’s nobody’s business, but it does come up naturally.

Possible internal homophobia and +/- closeted behavior aside, I can really get behind a person who says:  “I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.”  Quote courtesy of Wiki.

Animal Traits–Pertaining to Me

19 Aug

Cool has begun calling herself “Many Eagle” not to be confused with Mini-Eagle.  And since I’m the one with Salish heritage, I figured I should get an Indian name too.  So in the interest of bestowing an Indian name upon myself, I am trying to see which animal characteristics are closest to my own personality traits.  I highlight those aspects particularly suited to myself in purple.

Courtesy of:

Alligator (Croc) = 4

  • Fear, Time, Magic, Honor, Speed, Stealth, Strength, Instinct, Cunning, Bravery, Efficiency, ResilienceSolar power, Birth/creation, Dependability, Indestructibility, Emotional depth, Primal/ancient power

Armadillo = 4

  • Sensitivity, Reclusive, Peace, Pacifism, Neutrality, Complexity, Emotional Excavation, Protection/Guardedness, Inquiry/Curiosity, Trust

Badger = 10

Determination, Eagerness, Strong will, Focus, Strategy, Tenacity, Defense, Protection, Independence, Confidence

Blue Jay = 4

  • Loquaciousness, Communication, Determination, Assertiveness, Faithfulness, Intelligence, Advantage, Curiosity, Vibrancy, Clarity, Energy

Crane Fly = 2

  • Purpose, Resourcefulness, Balance, Introspection

Eagle = 7

  • Opportunity, Protection, Guardianship, Masculinity, Dominance, Control, Freedom, Community, Command, Action, Authority, Skill, Focus, Determination, Vision, Power, Liberation, Inspiration, Ruler, Judgment

Falcon = 5

  • Superiority, Spirit, Light, Power, Focus, Prophecy, Freedom, Aspiration, Intensity, Determination
  • Goat = 9
  • Curiosity, Courage, Sturdiness, Faith, Intelligence, Balance, Dignity, Peace, Independence, Aloofness, Sacrifice, Initiation, Distance, Respect, Virility, Masculinity, Vitality, Guardianship, Provision, Exploration, Nurturing

Lion = 7

  • leadershipstrength, royalty, courage, honor, Intuition, Self-confidence, Fiery, Territorial, Controlling, Passionate, Generosity, Loyalty

Lobster = 2

  • Strength, Regeneration, Resolution, Temperance, Discovery, Nobility, Transformation, Abundance, Sensuality, Gripping/Holding

Mosquito = 4

  • Persistence, Agility, Travel, Release, Discovery, Agitation, Surveillance, Secrets, Details, Continuum, Survival

Moth = 2

  • Vulnerability, Determination, Concealment, Attraction, Subtlety, Intuition, Faith

Mouse = 5

  • Resourcefulness, Modesty, Groundedness, Adaptability, Temerity (shyness), Innocence, Fertility, Super-awareness, Voraciousness, Determination, Conservation, Cleanliness

Octopus = 9

  • Will, Focus, Magic, Reason, Illusion, Defense, Mystery, Strategic, Potential, Knowing, Diversity, Creativity, Flexibility, Expansion, Complexity, Intelligence, Adaptability, InsatiabilityUnpredictability

Pheasant = 2

  • Passion, Balance, Sexuality, Protection, Creativity, Good Judgment, Being Genuine, Law of Attraction

Ram = 4

  • Agility, Solitary, Wisdom, Paradox, Freedom, Stability, Gratitude, Longevity, Judgment, Grounding, Peace of Mind, Self-Assurance, Unconventional, Sensory Perception

Rhino = 5

  • Agility, Solitary, Wisdom, Paradox, Freedom, Stability, Gratitude, Longevity, JudgmentGrounding, Peace of Mind, Self-Assurance, Unconventional, Sensory Perception,

Rooster = 5

  • Pride, Honesty, Courage, Vigilance, Arrogance, Strength, Watchfulness, Flamboyance

Skunk = 3

  • Defense, Prudence, Protection, Confidence, Awareness, Pacification, Effectiveness, Good judgement

Woodpecker = 5

  • Balance, Progress, Signaling, Returning, Protection, Initiation, Attention, Prophesy, Listening, Opportunity, Discernment, Communication, Determination

I think my winged animal is rooster, my land animal is the badger, and my sea animal is an octopus.

Enola means solitary

Goga is summer in Cherokee

Magena is moon

Nina is strong

Nirvelli is water child in Tudas

Onawa is wide awake

Una is remember in Hopi

Waneta is charger

Chapa is the Sioux word for beaver; Doya is Cherokee for beaver

So for my own Indian name, I am thinking:

Solitary badger

Summer Octopus (Cool scoffed at this)

Moon Badger

Strong Rooster

Sweat it Out Music

17 Aug

Sometimes you just need that little push to help you get that extra kick.  When I’m on the dreaded third lap of the mile, running against the wind, and my lungs are about to explode these are the songs that really make me pump my arms and get that 2nd wind.  In no particular order:

Gogol Bordello, especially “Forces of Victory,” but really, every song is upbeat and excellent.

Nelly “Here Comes the Boom”

TLC “No Scrubs”

Emenem “Lose Yourself”

Bruno Mars “Circles”

Gary Glitter “Rock & Roll”

House of Pain “Jump Around”

Coolio “1-2-3-4”

The Killers “All These Things That I’ve Done”

Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta “Sweat”

Marilyn Manson “You Spin Me Right Round”

Redgloam, “Think of Me When You Bleed”

Obviously, Jock Jams–even though it is played-out, it’s hyped because it makes you hyped.

More suggestions are welcome.  I can always use an extra dose of motivation to help me push myself!

Olympic Diving + AIDS

16 Aug

Women’s Diving should be parodied:
-Brittany Violet’s coach = Weird in a way I have trouble articulating.  Creepy phrases, stilted hugs–I WISH I could find a video clip somewhere to show you.
-the commentator’s repeated “Entry needs work, entries are important, look at that huge splash!”
-the seemingly arbitrary bandage tape patterns

And who knew men’s diving was so GAY? As I’m watching, my gay-dar is tripping with almost every dude diver that steps onto the platform.

With my interest in history, the gays, and AIDS–how did I not know about Greg Louganis?

He was such a premiere diver that the Chinese filmed his form and used him as a model.  And look at the Chinese diving domination now–in part because of the emulation of Louganis’ form.  In the 1988 Olympics, he hit his head on the platform during a dive.  The doctor, gave him 5 stitches in his bleeding skull (without gloves).

According to the Wiki:

he suffered a concussion after hitting his head on the springboard during the preliminary rounds while performing a reverse 2½ pike. He completed the preliminaries despite his injury, earning the highest single score of the qualifying for his next dive, and went on to repeat the dive during the finals, earning the gold medal by a margin of 25 points.[1] In the 10m finals he won the gold medal performing a 3.4 difficulty dive in his last attempt, earning 86.70 points for a total of 638.61, surpassing silver medalist Xiong Ni by only 1.14 points.[1] His comeback earned him the title of ABC‘s Wide World of Sports “Athlete of the Year” for 1988.

As an interesting side-note:  Louganis had tried to bring Ryan Whate to the Olympics to share in the experience, but White’s visa was denied due to his (well known) HIV+ status.  The world didn’t know Louganis’ HIV+ status until he authored a full-disclosure book in 1994.  He says he found out a few months before the Seoul about his HIV positive status.

Most of his sponsors dropped him (except Speedo who retained him as a spokesmen for another 13 years) and he was roundly criticized for putting competitors at risk.

I think Sports Illustrated addresses the issue best:

Changes were instituted at all levels of sport to address these fears: Doctors and trainers now wear latex gloves when treating athletes; players who begin to bleed during a competition are immediately removed from the game and cannot return until the wound is cleaned and bandaged; and all blood is treated as potentially contaminated blood. These are prudent and sensible measures.

And despite the concerns expressed following Louganis’s revelations, there’s no evidence that additional precautions are needed. The likelihood of one athlete’s spreading the AIDS virus to another athlete during competition is so remote as to be infinitesimal. In fact, only one athlete, a recreational soccer player in Italy, is even suspected of having been infected with HIV during a match (he knocked heads with another player who turned out to be HIV-positive). But even that case was disputed because doctors couldn’t rule out other risk factors.

The IOC was correct last week in restating its position not to require athletes to undergo a blood test for HIV. Olympic athletes who have tested positive will continue to be allowed to compete, provided they have their physician’s approval that they are healthy enough to do so. Louganis was under no obligation to divulge his condition in 1988, nor were there public health reasons for him to have revealed it.

So let’s return the locus on Louganis to where it should be. He was unparalleled as an athlete. He carried himself with grace and dignity his entire competitive career. He was, and is, beloved by the American public. He developed AIDS, not because he was an athlete, not because he was homosexual, but because he didn’t practice safe sex. 

Further, the Wiki explains:

But his blood in the pool actually posed about zero risk. The blood was diluted by thousands of gallons of water, and “chlorine kills HIV”, said Dr. John Ward, chief of HIV-AIDS surveillance at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also, skin is a very effective barrier to HIV. Only a diver with an open wound would face any risk. “If the virus just touches the skin, it is unheard of for it to cause infection: the skin has no receptors to bind HIV,” explained Dr. Anthony Fauci.[2]

No Break Breaking Point

14 Aug

I am trying to maximize my time before school starts.  I realize once class commences, there will be time in class, time studying FOR class, time spent on class projects, working, and sleeping.  Grocery shopping cleaning. . .  Umm, a little thing called fun and relaxation will go on the back burner.

And it shouldn’t be that difficult to prepare right now.  I try to tell myself that in all the hours of the day (24) that spending an hour to study, 45 minututes to run, and 15 to read is just a minor fraction.  But I feel tired anyway.  Here is the schedule I have been trying my absolute best to maintain:

4:50 AM to 5:07 AM (largely depending on when my body wakes up):  Get up, pour coffee, read and outline from the Anatomy text book until 6:15 AM.

Shower, pill the cat, try to remember to grab something for lunch (forget half the time), and drive to work.

Get to work no later then 6:50 AM.  Really, I do not HAVE to be there until 7:30AM, but there is always vitals to take, cleaning, stocking, prepping stuff to do so I like to be there by 7AM at all times.  And I figure as long as I am there THAT early, that I might as well go just a tiny bit earlier and get more done while working on getting over-time (PAY).

noon (if I’m lucky):  Go upstairs, sit with my Appache Tribe (the 2 house-cats) and eat my lunch.  One of my favorite times of the entire day.  I love those buddies.  The lunch is hopefully good leftovers, but maybe wheat thins and all the peanut butter I can lick and scrape from the jar.  Simultaneously study Anatomy vocab prefixes/suffixes on flashcards.  Try to tune out ringing phones and client voices.

12:35-12:50PM try to clock back in and commence mid-day floor cleaning.  I usually work 38-39.9 hours mostly because I’m usually anxious to leave.  So stretching it out a little isn’t too crazy.  As long as I HAVE to be there that long, and there is ALWAYS plenty to do, I might as well make some more money.  And I am trying to really make some money before I go part-time.  Part-time work schedule will be lovely for study purposes, but horrible for bill-paying purposes. . .

5:30-6:00 PM  Get dressed to run.  I am WAY more likely to get my booty to the track if I don’t go home and don’t get in proximity to my jammies or couch.

6:10PM-6:25 or 6:55PM (depending on my level of tiredness, mood, to-do list, workout and what’s going on the next day) Run on all-weather track.  Try to actually push myself even though I’m horrible at just maintaining a cozy pace.

Post run:  Go home, strip off all sweaty clothes except underwear and sports bra.  Do a minimum of the Wii-Fit body test, try for 10 min of hula-hoop if I’m not super tired, and maybe feel energtic enough to do a half hour of strength (this hardly ever  never occurs).  Then, log all my splits and times from running into my notebook, and log my calories in & out in Lose-It site.

7-8:30PM  Try to do at least a page of reading and outlining in the Language Development textbook.  Eat dinner (that’s easy to re-heat or already made by Cool and waiting in the fridge) while watching TV of some sort.  +/- a cocktail or beer depending on lateness and availability and calorie count of the day.

8:31 PM  Floss teeth, feed cats, set out next day’s scrubs and stuff for morning.

8:35 PM  Read for enjoyment in bed until 9:30 at the very latest–and most times 8:59 PM.

Try to sleep throughout the night.  Get mad if Cool wakes me up in any way during the night.  Repeat, repeat.

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