No Break Breaking Point

14 Aug

I am trying to maximize my time before school starts.  I realize once class commences, there will be time in class, time studying FOR class, time spent on class projects, working, and sleeping.  Grocery shopping cleaning. . .  Umm, a little thing called fun and relaxation will go on the back burner.

And it shouldn’t be that difficult to prepare right now.  I try to tell myself that in all the hours of the day (24) that spending an hour to study, 45 minututes to run, and 15 to read is just a minor fraction.  But I feel tired anyway.  Here is the schedule I have been trying my absolute best to maintain:

4:50 AM to 5:07 AM (largely depending on when my body wakes up):  Get up, pour coffee, read and outline from the Anatomy text book until 6:15 AM.

Shower, pill the cat, try to remember to grab something for lunch (forget half the time), and drive to work.

Get to work no later then 6:50 AM.  Really, I do not HAVE to be there until 7:30AM, but there is always vitals to take, cleaning, stocking, prepping stuff to do so I like to be there by 7AM at all times.  And I figure as long as I am there THAT early, that I might as well go just a tiny bit earlier and get more done while working on getting over-time (PAY).

noon (if I’m lucky):  Go upstairs, sit with my Appache Tribe (the 2 house-cats) and eat my lunch.  One of my favorite times of the entire day.  I love those buddies.  The lunch is hopefully good leftovers, but maybe wheat thins and all the peanut butter I can lick and scrape from the jar.  Simultaneously study Anatomy vocab prefixes/suffixes on flashcards.  Try to tune out ringing phones and client voices.

12:35-12:50PM try to clock back in and commence mid-day floor cleaning.  I usually work 38-39.9 hours mostly because I’m usually anxious to leave.  So stretching it out a little isn’t too crazy.  As long as I HAVE to be there that long, and there is ALWAYS plenty to do, I might as well make some more money.  And I am trying to really make some money before I go part-time.  Part-time work schedule will be lovely for study purposes, but horrible for bill-paying purposes. . .

5:30-6:00 PM  Get dressed to run.  I am WAY more likely to get my booty to the track if I don’t go home and don’t get in proximity to my jammies or couch.

6:10PM-6:25 or 6:55PM (depending on my level of tiredness, mood, to-do list, workout and what’s going on the next day) Run on all-weather track.  Try to actually push myself even though I’m horrible at just maintaining a cozy pace.

Post run:  Go home, strip off all sweaty clothes except underwear and sports bra.  Do a minimum of the Wii-Fit body test, try for 10 min of hula-hoop if I’m not super tired, and maybe feel energtic enough to do a half hour of strength (this hardly ever  never occurs).  Then, log all my splits and times from running into my notebook, and log my calories in & out in Lose-It site.

7-8:30PM  Try to do at least a page of reading and outlining in the Language Development textbook.  Eat dinner (that’s easy to re-heat or already made by Cool and waiting in the fridge) while watching TV of some sort.  +/- a cocktail or beer depending on lateness and availability and calorie count of the day.

8:31 PM  Floss teeth, feed cats, set out next day’s scrubs and stuff for morning.

8:35 PM  Read for enjoyment in bed until 9:30 at the very latest–and most times 8:59 PM.

Try to sleep throughout the night.  Get mad if Cool wakes me up in any way during the night.  Repeat, repeat.

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