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Animal Traits–Pertaining to Me

19 Aug

Cool has begun calling herself “Many Eagle” not to be confused with Mini-Eagle.  And since I’m the one with Salish heritage, I figured I should get an Indian name too.  So in the interest of bestowing an Indian name upon myself, I am trying to see which animal characteristics are closest to my own personality traits.  I highlight those aspects particularly suited to myself in purple.

Courtesy of:

Alligator (Croc) = 4

  • Fear, Time, Magic, Honor, Speed, Stealth, Strength, Instinct, Cunning, Bravery, Efficiency, ResilienceSolar power, Birth/creation, Dependability, Indestructibility, Emotional depth, Primal/ancient power

Armadillo = 4

  • Sensitivity, Reclusive, Peace, Pacifism, Neutrality, Complexity, Emotional Excavation, Protection/Guardedness, Inquiry/Curiosity, Trust

Badger = 10

Determination, Eagerness, Strong will, Focus, Strategy, Tenacity, Defense, Protection, Independence, Confidence

Blue Jay = 4

  • Loquaciousness, Communication, Determination, Assertiveness, Faithfulness, Intelligence, Advantage, Curiosity, Vibrancy, Clarity, Energy

Crane Fly = 2

  • Purpose, Resourcefulness, Balance, Introspection

Eagle = 7

  • Opportunity, Protection, Guardianship, Masculinity, Dominance, Control, Freedom, Community, Command, Action, Authority, Skill, Focus, Determination, Vision, Power, Liberation, Inspiration, Ruler, Judgment

Falcon = 5

  • Superiority, Spirit, Light, Power, Focus, Prophecy, Freedom, Aspiration, Intensity, Determination
  • Goat = 9
  • Curiosity, Courage, Sturdiness, Faith, Intelligence, Balance, Dignity, Peace, Independence, Aloofness, Sacrifice, Initiation, Distance, Respect, Virility, Masculinity, Vitality, Guardianship, Provision, Exploration, Nurturing

Lion = 7

  • leadershipstrength, royalty, courage, honor, Intuition, Self-confidence, Fiery, Territorial, Controlling, Passionate, Generosity, Loyalty

Lobster = 2

  • Strength, Regeneration, Resolution, Temperance, Discovery, Nobility, Transformation, Abundance, Sensuality, Gripping/Holding

Mosquito = 4

  • Persistence, Agility, Travel, Release, Discovery, Agitation, Surveillance, Secrets, Details, Continuum, Survival

Moth = 2

  • Vulnerability, Determination, Concealment, Attraction, Subtlety, Intuition, Faith

Mouse = 5

  • Resourcefulness, Modesty, Groundedness, Adaptability, Temerity (shyness), Innocence, Fertility, Super-awareness, Voraciousness, Determination, Conservation, Cleanliness

Octopus = 9

  • Will, Focus, Magic, Reason, Illusion, Defense, Mystery, Strategic, Potential, Knowing, Diversity, Creativity, Flexibility, Expansion, Complexity, Intelligence, Adaptability, InsatiabilityUnpredictability

Pheasant = 2

  • Passion, Balance, Sexuality, Protection, Creativity, Good Judgment, Being Genuine, Law of Attraction

Ram = 4

  • Agility, Solitary, Wisdom, Paradox, Freedom, Stability, Gratitude, Longevity, Judgment, Grounding, Peace of Mind, Self-Assurance, Unconventional, Sensory Perception

Rhino = 5

  • Agility, Solitary, Wisdom, Paradox, Freedom, Stability, Gratitude, Longevity, JudgmentGrounding, Peace of Mind, Self-Assurance, Unconventional, Sensory Perception,

Rooster = 5

  • Pride, Honesty, Courage, Vigilance, Arrogance, Strength, Watchfulness, Flamboyance

Skunk = 3

  • Defense, Prudence, Protection, Confidence, Awareness, Pacification, Effectiveness, Good judgement

Woodpecker = 5

  • Balance, Progress, Signaling, Returning, Protection, Initiation, Attention, Prophesy, Listening, Opportunity, Discernment, Communication, Determination

I think my winged animal is rooster, my land animal is the badger, and my sea animal is an octopus.

Enola means solitary

Goga is summer in Cherokee

Magena is moon

Nina is strong

Nirvelli is water child in Tudas

Onawa is wide awake

Una is remember in Hopi

Waneta is charger

Chapa is the Sioux word for beaver; Doya is Cherokee for beaver

So for my own Indian name, I am thinking:

Solitary badger

Summer Octopus (Cool scoffed at this)

Moon Badger

Strong Rooster