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The Komodo (Dragon)s!

25 Aug

WHEN Cool and I are rich, we are going to purchase a WNBA team.

It’s the team-owners that drive the sport and the hype.  And America does not have nearly enough support for all the talented female basketball players.  Firstly, there has to be a team to cheer on.  There needs to be many teams, one in all of the important places across the country.  Then, there has to be huge hype to generate crowd excitement, which ultimately generates revenue.  Where there is hype, there will be talented players.

Women’s BB has an overabundance of talented players, but not a lot of places to play, and hardly any hype.  The consequence:  No money.  So there isn’t a bunch more athletic hopefuls.  The WNBA is missing out on some of the world’s best female basketball players, because those gals can make more money playing for other leagues in foreign countries.  France?  Russia?  You read that right.  FIBA is apparently a BIG deal.  How sad for the best (basketball) country in the world.  America, there ARE sports aside from Football, you know!

Cool and I will move to change all of this with our team.  It will be in Colorado of course–because hopefully that is where we will end up long term.  The mascot will be the Komodo Dragon.  Maybe just the Komodos.  I’m not sure yet.  Anyway, this animal is bad-a$$!  It’s big, it’s fast, and it can climb and bite and dig.  Very cool stuff–check out my post on the Wiki Real Life Dragons.

And if you look, the mascott doesn’t necessarily have to be in the vicinity of the team:  Lions, Tigers, Panthers, as examples.  And it’s super-lame to base the women’s team off of the men’s version already established.  Cool and my team will be it’s own entity–we don’t need to base our name, color, and mascot on the NBA counterpart.

Plus the komodo dragons will convey well.  You can render them cute or scary.  I can see the merch now–I’d wear it.  Maybe I’ll design some and wear it about before we garner the money to actually buy a team.  I’m certain it will be a crowd-pleaser.  I forgot to mention, our colors will be:  Black white checker (reminiscent of the NASCAR flag) and Green.  A nice pretty green–that just happens to bring out the green in MY eyes.  The uniforms will be exceptionally cute.  I’m thinking volleyball-style ribbons to roll up the sleeves.  And certainly not super, super long jerseys where you can see the tuck-in line under the shorts.  Our WNBA team’s uniforms will flatter and be functional.

Chime in if you have any ideas to add 😀