Life List

27 Aug

In the face of all these early and unexpected deaths in my family–it makes you think about longevity.  I’m most concerned about my parents who share largely the same genetics of their older sibs who just passed away relatively young.  But the genetics affect me too.  Well, here is a list of things I want to do while I’m still in my prime.

Foods I want to eat:

Quail (done on my 29th b-day!), squab, rabbit, real jambalaya, bacon ice cream. . .

Events I want to attend:

Reno Balloon Races-Dawn Patrol, Nevada-Day 3 day weekend w/Cool, SXSW, Napa Valley Wine Tasting, Australia beer train, tour of (or party at) a house-boat, Oregon State Fair, some WNBA games. . .

Things I Want to Do:

swim with turtles, swim with dolphin (other sea fish swimmey), play on Sea-dos again, go on another river kayaking trip, pole vault again, and complete a triathlon, rub Dawn dish-soap on poor little marine life devastated by oil spills.

Places I want to go:

Australia, Italy cruise, every state.  Specifically:  Back to Missouri, take Cool to TN, Bourban Street in New Orleans, Native American places in SD, San Fran (but with Cool), Portland with someone local, see my Pintrest for more detailed places and pictures.

Have you ever noticed that in order to compose dreams you need to compare to someone or be inspired by something?  I suppose if I didn’t come in contact with other people I would be perfectly happy and content to just maintain.  So I realize I have forgotten crucial things under all of these headings–obviously there is a lot I want to eventually do in life.  And these are just the frivolous things–not the all-important life GOALS, which are far different then dreams.


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