New Semester, New Schedule

29 Aug

This post is mostly for me.  I have to balance studying and earning money and maximize my time.  I have not included setting out the next day’s clothes ahead of time, grabbing food for lunches and snacks, or packing bags as those things are a given.  Here is my general guideline that I want to stick to:


-Wake up by 5:07 AM.  Drink a minimum of 16 oz coffee and study Anatomy notes for 30 min.  Then read/outline/answer chapter questions for Language Development.

-Get to work by 7 AM (better yet, 6:50 AM) at latest, take 30 min lunch and no longer. [10 hr]

-Go to bed no later then 9 PM.


-Wake up no later then 5:37 AM–preferably earlier.  Drink a max. of 6 oz coffee.  Study class notes.

-Anatomy from 8:30-9:45 AM

-Bring some sort of (protein-rich) snack to eat

-Do NOT under any circumstance go home.  It’s a waste of gas, and not enough time to accomplish anything anyway.  Also, it is too tempting not to go back to school for that 2nd class.  Instead, go for a walk, go to the library, or walk downtown.  Preferably some sort of outdoor calorie-burner w/flashcards or study sheet.

-11:30-12:45 PM go to Language Development

-go home and eat.

-immediately study

-Try really, really hard to get a run in.  Or some sort of exercise.


-Get to work by 5AM (in the 4s would be even better!) and clean/organize/tend to house cats until 7-ish when co-workers get into my grill.  Remember to bring (fully charged) i-pod & wear running clothes.  [about 2-2.5 hr; =12-12.5 ish in wk]

–>I realize this might sound crazy to some, but I find this morning cleaning session WAAAAAY easier to gear up for then the Thursday night one.  I’m fresh in the mornings, and would rather just get it done before there are distractions.  At 4 and 5 AM, no one is awake to pester me, Cool isn’t up vieing for my attention, nothing is on TV, no restaurants are open to lure me to spend money I shouldn’t, etc, etc. . .

-Go directly to the track and run.  Or take a nap and then run.  Do these things prior to having any caffeine.  I won’t feel tired Wednesday, but it starts to catch up Thursday, and this early morning makes me SUPER tired by Friday (if I haven’t napped.  Like last week).  And we all know that when I get tired, I get crabby.  And stressed.  And worried.  Then, I get sick.  Then I’m reallllllllly grumpy.  And no one wants to deal with that.  So nap before caffeine.  No matter what my mind/body tries to tell me at the time.


-Get in bed and read (for enjoyment!) no later then 7:30 PM.  Go to sleep no later then 8 PM.  Even if I’m not all that tired.  I’ll be glad I did later in the week.


-Get up by 5:37 AM, drink no more then 12 oz coffee, and study class notes.

-Repeat Tuesday

-Run at track!  No plus or minus about it.  I need to be in a proper mental state before Friday/Saturday of work.

-Go in to work for an hour in the evening and clean/prep for Friday and set up I131. [30 min; = 12.5-13 in wk]

-Go to sleep no later then 8:30 PM.


-Repeat Monday [10 hr; = 22.5-23 in wk]

+/- run at track


-Get to work no later then 7 AM and clean/prep.  Work until noon-1, get out ASAP to see Cool [5-6 hr; = 27.5-29 in wk]

-Cook ahead for the week.  Not necessary every week, since we have handy-dandy freezer quick meals prepared ahead of time.



-Try hard to sleep in.

-NOTHING.  No scheduled activities.  Take this day off to spend with Cool, relax,and recharge.

-Well, except for grocery shopping weeks.  Sunday is the best time to go grocery shopping.  But that’s it.

-Massage Sunday!  Go to sleep no later then 9 PM.

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