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GORGEous Weekend is Upon Us

31 Aug

Labor DAVE weekend is just around the corner.  After much anticipation, I believe I am as prepared as I will ever be.

The Clothes:

My running sneakers for comfort and coverage.  Cargo green capries that tie or can hang down.  So I have a lot of pockets and they are versatile and warm or cool.  A running tee-back tank that is slicky for layering purposes.  A long sleeve in case it gets cold at night.  +/- a jacket or hoodie.  I’m not sure I want to carry it, but know that I do NOT want to get chilly.

The Plan:

Hang out in the park prior to the concert.  Go early to secure good parking and chill to music.  Get to our seats on the proper day and correct time to actually view the DBM concert this year!  Then car-camp–somewhere free–afterwards.

Preferred Setlist:

Don’t Drink the Water

Hello Again

Funny the Way It Is


Tripping Billies

Big Eyed Fish


Two Step

Hunger for the Great Light


The Stone

Too High

Grace is Gone

Dancing Nancies

I Did It

Jimmy Thing


So Much to Say

You And Me

The Maker

Ants Marching

I am excited!  It is finally here.  I will see it this time, have fun, and will NOT worry about this muscle tee shirt assignment (I’ll talk of this later, when I’m finished not thinking about it), studying, or work.  Middle-Washington–here we come!!!!