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Too Much Party

2 Sep

Do you remember that Bernstein Bears book?  Maybe it was called “Too Much Birthday.”  It’s about a special day, where Sister Bear wakes up early and full of excitement, eats too much junk food throughout the day, moves constantly, and by the end was tired, worn down, teary, and had a sick belly.  Well, yesterday I was Sister Bear.

I’m moving a little slow today, but that’s OK because I had a ton of fun at my first Dave Matthews Band Concert at the Gorge.  It was a lot of anticipation.  Cool got our tickets (ROW 18!!!!!!!!!!) back in February.  To make up for the unfortunate time when we had tickets to Dave at the Gorge–and went on the wrong day.  So we needed to have a good time at the show yesterday.

Here is the setlist:

I felt as if DMB looked at my setliist wishlist and plucked the majority of songs from there for my night at the Gorge.  I was most-pleased.  Cool is going to find a recording of our actual show, which I am very excited about.  I would also like to listen to the concert before and after ours too.

Cool tells me I was signing off-key, going to the bathroom too frequently, and dancing obnoxiously, but she don’t know.  I think she’s just grumpy and hung-over today (though she won’t admit it).  And I did pay for my overindulgence.  By the end of the night (luckily after the entire concert was over), I had a headache, sick bally, and was exhausted.  And I woke up very tired with a headache, chapped lips, and sore neck.  And yet–STILL worth it.  I just call it stress-free fun, and I don’t get that very often.  I hope I can go see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Ampitheatre in the future!!!

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