Clogging Timeline

6 Sep

This list is for scholarship essay purposes.  And I’m having a very difficult time remembering dates, locations, and amounts of time.  It’s been (weirdly) 12 years since I have been involved in any clogging.  Weird, because that was a primary focus of my grade-school life.  I will put together some clogging shoes and have a dance ready for the Spring Talent Show. . .  Anyway, I need an accuracy confirmation on the list below.

1992 (2nd grade, 7 years old):

-Started taking clogging lessons, because I was hanging out at school waiting for my mom to finish her day, and one of the other teachers taught classes.  My mom had already been involved in clogging.

-took clogging classes a half hour away and was in the little girl’s show group

-continuously took clogging classes and did performances with Capital City Clogging Academy

-performed at Kit Carson Rendevoux, Dayton Valley Days, Broadway Bound, Senior Centers, German Festival, the fair,


-The performance team got 1st place team in our age group at Broadway Bound for “Banjo Fantasy.”

1994? (4th grade, 10 years)

-Was moved up to the competitive group 2 weeks before competition b/c 2 of the older girls quit on short notice.  I was 2nd youngest.  I had to learn 3 songs that the other girls had been performing and perfecting for a year.

1995: (5th grade summer, 12 years)

-My mom and I started teaching the Silver Toe Stompers in Dayton.  We had ages 4-60-ish.  Anywhere from 20-40? dancers at any given time.

-I helped with the book-work, assisted with running the classes, did individual tutoring, choreographed routines, danced duets with students, and helped tape the music.

1998? (8th grade, 14 years):

-I was attending, my team’s show class, my competition class, our beginners group, and our show group practices every week.

-I think in 1998 my clogging instructor for Capital City Clogging Academy retired from teaching.  We had our last competition in July.

-I had been with Capital City Clogging Academy for 6 years.

2000 (10th grade, 16 years):

-I wanted to be more involved with cheerleading and high school so my mom and I stopped teaching the Silver Toe Stompers after 5 years.


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