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12 Sep

I have my first anatomy exam as well as my two HUGE projects due (thank goodness) so I’ll be hunkering down and doing school all day today.  There will be no leaving my jammies–except maybe for a study break in the form of a quick mile.

And usually, I have a couple of blogs in que so I can just post one I’ve written before.  Unfortunately, all I have in my drafts today are a few controversial topics.  And I don’t need any hater comments or to have to look up facts to substantiate any claims to draw me away from my studies.  And I’ve included no pictures today.  Sorry, takes too long.

So here are a few blogs (also found on my Birds of a Feather list) I like and read regularly for you to enjoy:

Anything from 125 and anything from Dinner:  A Love Story

Food Politics-

Still For Us:

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