Horror on the Home-front

18 Sep

Another person was attacked less then a mile from where I live. On the trail I regularly run on–just ran on the day of the newest attack. Where Cool and I walk ALL the time. And they think this attacker was the same one who killed that gal late spring–a football field’s distance from my balcony.

I’ll share the details as the story builds, but for now I just want to say:  I would be so pissed to get killed in Spo-Compton. I do not want to die in this crummy “city” with it’s cigarette smokers, constant unruly kids taking over every public space, dilapidated buildings, and frequent poor air quality issues. I want to get somewhere that I WANT to be. Not just somewhere I was born, dragged, or HAD to live in for school or career.

I fully expect to die relatively young, given my relatives, and (lack of) health, but I had better hold on until I reach Colorado! Except, I have been coaching Cool that if ever I need to be put in diapers–just euthanize me. I’m serious–I would have no independence or dignity at that point, so I would just WANT to be put out of my misery. But not HERE. . .

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