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Self Imposed Anatomy Blogging Hiatus

9 Oct

Everything extraneous will be discontinued for a bit.  I’m not sure how long.  However long it takes.  I have some posts in que, but they need some finishing touches and I’d like to add pictures. I just cannot take the time to work on it.  Here’s why:

I need a big-girl life.  And life is all about small steps toward big goals.  A big-girl life begins with big-girl paychecks.  Which means I need a big-girl career.  And that will only happen if I enter into a Masters and/or Doctorate program.  And so, it is absolutely imperative that I get a 4.0 GPA and I was not pleased with my 92% on the last exam. So I feel like I have to work ever harder to study, as I have an anatomy exam on the articulatory system–imperative to Speech and Hearing Sciences, and very involved. So read back on other posts and think of me while I memorize the bones and muscles of the face and skull, finish my completed muscle notebook, do the dreaded oral cavity examination lab (with some stranger, probably old redhead), face paint the facial muscles, attend a forum on ALS for extra credit, and write my big pathology paper.

I’m focused, I’m motivated, (my body is trying to get sick–but I will not let it), and I will get an A+ in this class! I’ll be back. . .  Wish me luck and ability to retain and recall what I study.