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Oh, I Don’t Know

25 Oct

I’m not sure if I’ve just been oversensitive lately, or if this is a thing. People at school are annoyed and short-tempered, and too busy to “deal” with me. No one has said as much, but I just get the feeling.  There’s more then the following incidence, but I need to get on with studying–because I got delayed by this:

I sent the first e-mail of the semester to my adviser.  The same adviser who e-mailed me back and fourth all Spring semester and was super-friendly.  I have some serious concerns about next semester–> Sidenote:  needing to take a minimum of 6 credits to keep my undergrad loans on forbarance, being eligible to take only 2-4 of the offered courses, and of course the class I really need is offered–Monday.  The worst day possible (aside from Friday or Saturday) to miss work.  There is no way I can miss pieces of Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Monday at work.  End sidenote<–  So I e-mailed my adviser.  And she sent me a really curt and annoyed response that I need to sign up on the meeting request list on her door (which I didn’t know about and never pass by to have seen for myself).  I mean, you could type it in a friendly manner, at least.

No, and Fuck You:

Was the tone of that meeting.  Which she could have saved us both a lot of time and typed that in her e-mail.  I met with my adviser-after the afore-mentioned borderline nasty e-mail telling me no advising could be done over the internet.  Again–I shouldn’t have wasted my time.  After telling her that my job was really accommodating me by letting me cut back on my hours, and even hiring new people to cover my lost hours, so I really couldn’t ask them to do MORE.  I said Friday, Saturday, and Mondays were the busiest days of the week for the small business, so I wanted to find a creative scheduling solution to keep slowly taking my class requirements.

I asked if instead of attending Monday lectures in person, I could watch them online (we do this in anatomy all the time on Tegrity).  No.  I asked if I could take any of the classes at all that I need to get the post-bac online.  No, none of the required classes are online.  But I could take a class I don’t need via the internet.  I asked if any pre-reqs could be waved so I could take another class I need.  No.  I asked if ANY of the classes are available in the summer.  No.  Finally, my adviser told me this program does not accommodate in any way.  We are a lock-step program–and with good reason, she said.  Maybe you’ll have to quit working or find a weekend job. . .

So obviously, the school doesn’t understand me, or care about my needs.  It makes me want to yank myself right out and go to a school that DOES care.  Only I don’t have enough money to do that either.  So again, the headache of trying to get my life together continues.  Isn’t anything ever EASY?!  Or at the very least not tedious and impossible without the help of a sugar-daddy?  Damn it anyway!!!