Letter to Myself

2 Nov

Dear Laurel,

Firstly, you are doing awesome this semester!  109% on an Anatomy exam?!  And not an easy one that the whole class aced either.  And not with a thousand bonus points from other projects either.  You studied, learned the material by going the extra mile and drawing everything, then studying it at every opportunity.  Good job.  Mean Prof was even impressed, “You rocked this!”  she said.  You know what you need to do to get the grades.  Just remember what’s important, that the sacrifice will be worth it in the long term, and you’ve not only got a dream, but a tangible goal.  Buckle down and keep at the hard work.

Laurel, don’t let haters get you down.  You don’t need to hear no, no, no from the school.  And whine, whine, whine from co-workers.  Don’t let all that bad stuff make you feel hopeless, and unworthy, and stuck in your mundane life.  Tune out the noise and continue on your path.  You have never paid much heed to the nay-sayers, so don’t let them get you down now.  You can and you will find a way.

One day Laurel, you will be living all your dreams:  Working at a real career that utilizes your mind and dedication, with good pay, and decent hours.  You will make a difference in many lives one day.  I know it is in you to excel–you just need to work for the chance.  Nobody has ever given you a free pass/free ride/hand-out, and you wouldn’t want it that way anyway.  Prove yourself.  One day, there will be no worries of money, and sitting in the cold apartment with no parking or washer/dryer, so you have enough to pay the bills.  Laurel, you deserve a better life.  You have always known this.

And you will make it.  No matter what.  This is just the warm up lap.  You have a lot of life left after 30 years of age.  And you will make the most of it, by ignoring the negative voices, and doing what you do best–dedicating yourself to the task.  Put your heart in it, and achieve great things!  Colorado, loft, happiness–here you come!

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