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Study/ing Language = Suck/s

8 Nov

How am [unconcop] I suppose/ed inflectional <to study> verb infinitive independent clause when I am [conaux] get/ing inflectional sick?  dependent clause (13) embedded expressive

I MUST buckle down and focus independent clasue–even though it/’s [concop] the last thing I want <to do> verb infinitive. dependent clause (17) embedded expressive

I will thank myself later independent if I study hard today. dependent (10) embedded referential

I hate test/ing inflectional on Tuesday/s  independent because subordinating conjuction my work is [concop] concentrate/ed inflectional on that end of the week, dependent so coordinating conjunction it put/3s inflectional a damper on study time. independent(28) embedded, then conjoined/sentential equally referential and expressive

MLU of the above 4 utterances= 13+17+10+28/4 = 68/4 = 17

And this class only HAS the two exam/s inflectional, independent so coordinating conjunction I need <to make> verb infinitive both count. independent conjoined/sentential referential

Nelson’s semantic taxonomy:  general nominals-class, exams; specific nominals- I; action words- need, make, count; modifying words-this, two; personal words-.

Anyway, these little note/s inflectional to myself dependent are [unconcop] so coordinating conjunction I can study and practice phrasal coordination the concept/s inflectional  independent for the test. dependent embedded x2 referential

I hope dependent I have provide/ed inflectional myself with all types of the 5 build/ing inflectional block/s inflectionalindependent embedded referential

Side-note:  If I ever diagrammed sentences in any portion of my education, I have completely forgotten about it.  I think, the emphasis was on writing and the 5 paragraph essay–not so much grammar.  I have no idea what most of these parts of speech and categories mean–thanks, Dayton school system!