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Big Fail

10 Nov

This is what happens when I get too tired.  I get crabby, then bummed, then sick.  Today, I’m trying desperately NOT to get the head-cold that I feel coming on.  Bed time in 30 min (it’s 6:15PM now).  Written yesterday:

general nominals specific nominals action words modifying words personal words 

I don’t frozen know why–maybe I/’m [concop] just be/ing overly derivational morpheme hard on myself. But I feel bad all the same. I feel like I/’m [concop] not study/ing as much, or as productively derivational morpheme (phrasal coordination) as I should. Like I/’m [concop] not devote/ing enough time to big class project/s or scholarship essay/s (phrasal coordination). I feel like I suck at exercise/ing and suck way worse at watch/ing my calorie intake. I wish I could make myself work longer hour/s–go earlier, stay later make that extra money that would help so much. And I feel like I/’m [concop] a failure at save/ing money, pay/ing bill/s off, shop/ing (phrasal coordination) like a spend-thrift. Just like I/’m [conaux] do/ing poorly derivational morpheme at everything I care so much about.

I WISH I was/n’t so tired or lazy (phrasal coordination)9

That I had more will-power and motivation (phrasal coordination). 7

I/’m [concop] not sure how to get in that place10

But it/’s [concop] a bummer, wish/ing I could get there and then make/ing choice/s contrary to that. . . 20

20+10+7+9=47/4 complete and intelligible utterances =  11.75 MLU

Apparently derivational morpheme, I do not (contractible negative-fixed form) use possessive/s in my writ/ing.  Or coordinating conjunction third person regular or irregular phrasal coordination.  Cool/z job is [unconcop] her favorite thus far.  She says [3irr] that she does [3irr] 400 recs each night!  Even though she sit/3s at a desk instead of exercise/ing.  And to squeeze (verb infinitive) in a past tense irregular:  Cool drank [ptirr] all the friggen Pepsi.  Again.


Election Commentary with Language Building Blocks

10 Nov

OK, I’m going to try to do it completely from memory this time.

be copula/auxillary:  am, are, is, was, were.

Functional morphemes= articles:  a, an, the

It/’s [concop] frighten/ing inflectional morpheme to me (independent clause) that women [general nominal] (especially) can become so indoctrinat/ed inflectional morpheme by patriarchy (independent clause) sentential coordination/conjoined sentence that they challenge their own right/s inflectional morphemeanaphoric pronouns (dependent clause)

I find it astound/ing and sad (phrasal coordination) when women are [unconcop] the voice of dissent for (coordinating conjunction) Planned Parenthood [specific nominal], the right to choose [verb infinitive], or equal job pay.  (phrasal coordination)

And (coordinating conjunction) when they speak out against feminism, (dependent clause) I can/’t help but to think they must by *be [err] ignorant to the issue/s.  anaphoric pronouns (indepedent clause) embedded sentence

Also ignorant to history at large. (dependent clause) 

Though I believe that anyone [err] politician who make/3s it big HAS to be corrupt, (dependent clause) I/’m [concop] glad we stuck [ptirr] with Obama.  reflexsive pronoun (independent clause) embedded sentence

I say [3irr], HAS [3irr] to be corrupt, (dependent clause) because (subordinating conjunction) it cost/3s money to get elect/ed. (independent clause) embedded sentence

Big money(dependent clause)

And (coordinating conjunction) as anyone who has [3irr] ever receive/ed monetary (or other) support know/s (dependent clause)–there are [unconcop] always string/s attach/ed.  reflexive pronoun (independent clause) embedded sentence

Whether it be repayment, certain favor/s, or favorable vote/s or policy/s (phrasal coordination) for their interest/s. (dependent clause)

You always have to pay back. (independent clause)

So (coordinating conjunction) every presidential candidate has [3irr] to lose their own agenda, ethic/s, naivety, and idealolgy [err].  reflexive (phrasal coordination) (dependent clause)

In favor of practical–return of favor/s. (independent clause)

Anyway, I/’m [concop] glad Obama is [concop] reelect/ed. (independent clause)

If nothing else, so (coordinating conjunction) that we have someone consistent in office, who can finish something. anaphoric pronouns.


When you have upheaval and turn-around (dependent clause)–LESS get/3s done. (independent clause) embedded sentence

This is [unconcop] the time for more action. (independent clause)

Ultimately, I just want our country to be better. (independent clause)

I don’t care who is [conaux] lead/ing (independent clause)they just need to do a good job.  (independent clause) anaphoric pronouns sentential coordination/conjoined sentence