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When Overwhelmed

20 Nov

Break large tasks into small, manageable pieces:

Dysphagia Potluck (due 11/27/12)

+Find out if we have to do legit citations (or just buck up and do them)

+buy ginger and some shaped, segmented aluminum serving dish

+edit rationale paragraph

+spell/grammar check entire paper

-get some bandage tape from work and label tin with each add-in vareity

-actually cook more of the congee

Anatomy Exam (11/29/12)

+finish drawing mechanoreceptors

+draw innervation of posterior tongue

-study the study sheets a little each day and in the car

+do an internet search for pathologies leading to dysphagia and make a study sheet

Anatomy ALS Paper, Power-point/hand-out, and presentation (due 12/6)

+ask again to see an example paper

-make paper flow and in my language

-decide if I want to include any more info from my sources

-decide if I want to use the movie as a source

-decide if I want to use the ALS panel as a source

-do the references if I do want to use them.

-decide if I want to include any info from my partner’s sources

-decide if I need to include outside sources

-double check the in-text citations.

+bother at partner to chose intro or conclusion

+bother at partner (again) to pick ppt or hand-out.

-start the things (intro) she doesn’t chose.

Language Sample (unknown due date)

+double check that I followed all transcription rules

-ask??  someone about my transcription Qs.

+slash and code morphemes

+calculate mastery of all morphemes

+calculate total MLU

+calculate MLU for each context

-make sure I answer all questions in my directions

+describe syntax

-put syntax in essay

-describe prosidy

-go through the rubric

-spell and grammar check

-go through notes & text and insert info in essay

-add something “extra”

-proof and edit the thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-read the age 5 text chapter and categorize Kelsey’s development

Language Development (unknown content and date)

+finish making flashcards from power-point

+/- make flashcards for toddler phases (I don’t think we’ll get to this in class)

-take power-point notes and look them over each day and in car

-finish outlining textbook?

The Trip (Wed at midnight to Sun early as possible)

+try on outfits

+pack bag with clothes

+get out toiltries & makeup

+remember tickets (check dates!)

+pack x-mas gifts in car

+buy Gatorade and some kind of beverage

-feed kitties extra

-scoop l-b right before leaving

+charge Kindle

-decide how to best pack school supplies

+pack camera, it’s charger, kindle, it’s charger, and phone.

+wash dishes

Real Week (Mon, 11/26th–)

+get out scrubs for Mon

+pull out clothes for Tues

-don’t forget to cook and pack for class dysphagia pot-luck!

+charge i-pods

Oh Jesus–was this exercise supposed to CALM me?!  It just looks like I have a boat load to do and no time to do it!!!