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I’m Stressed! And Behind.

27 Nov

Dysphagia Potluck:  DONE!!!

+/- make a muffin tin with mix-ins and labels and print pic

-box up add-ins to take separately?

-make more rice

-pack it in crockpot to take to school

–>I’ve begun to worry about a food-borne illness situation with all that rice, chicken, and seafood that may or may not remain at hot temperatures.  Because of this, I’ve pretty much nixed the idea of putting many varieties in a muffin tin–I don’t wanna KILL my classmates. . .

Anatomy Exam THIS Thursday):

-Study sheets

Lang Dev Exam (next Tues?!):

-Go through flashcards

-Study ppt

Lang Dev Language Sample (Monday of finals week, 12/10?):

-finish outlining textbook

-do works cited page

-address the suggested techniques

-talk about Brown’s stage and dev. level

-use exp of pragmatics

-define all jargon in paper

-print out copies of paper and transcript, as well as my Qs

-meet with tutor Thurs after 2 PM to go over Qs and edit

-make charts of info

-use syntactic structures in write-up

-read it aloud

-edit and dbl check everything!

Anatomy Paper (Thursday, 12/6):

-paraphrase info

-dbl check citations in-text

-fix reference sheet

-use one quote from every source

-read paper aloud

-edit paper

-write intro

-decide and begin handout and ppt

-work on presentation

Wants (over winter break):


+upload pics

-edit pics

-edit pics

-upload vids

-write blogs