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Braggy Post

30 Nov

Deal–I’m super-ecstatic and it’s a little too braggy (and long) for my Facebook wall.


Got my last Anatomy Exam (the dysphagia/swallowing one I mentioned yesterday) grade back:  100%.  Despite the out-clevering myself on that one question, she might have given me partial credit for my half-right answer.  Or the extra point might have come from the bonus question at the end of the test.  At any rate–full points!

Even if I got a 0 on this last paper/presentation/power-point (last 50 points for the course) I would have an A in the class.

And if I got an F on the last paper I would still have an A+ in the class!!!!

Anatomy is now in my top favorite grades EVER.  Along with my 100% final with A+ in Math 124, saundersMy A in Physics II, my A in Biochemistry, my A in Quantitative Chemistry, and my B+ in Organic Chemistry.

These are the best grades I’ve ever received, because I had to work so hard to get them (all of them), they exceeded my expectations (all of them), or they were part of a nemesis course series (math, chem, and physics).

Now let’s just hope I can keep my A in my other class.  Good luck to me on finishing my last 2 papers, the presentation, and study for that last language development quiz turned exam.

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