Oh Seattle, I Can’t Say I Miss Your Traffic.

20 Dec

not much traffic on I-5 at 1 pmHow could I forget about this?  Being away from Seattle for over a year–I was seriously missing the cuisine.  Sure, Spokane holds some of our staple restaurants:  The Flying Goat, Steelhead, Steam Plant Grill, Zola, Northern Lights (I refuse to call it NoLi), and Twigs are winners.  But Seattle?  Limitless.  I’m always seeing 30 new and exciting places a week on Yelp.  Or featured on television–Netflix rather.  Anyway, I was quickly compiling a list of places to try.

And I kept asking myself why we hardly ate anywhere when we lived in the Pies & Pintscity.  And when we did go out, it was always to the same old places.  Why were we so boring and unadventurous?  And as soon as we drove into the city I remembered:  Seattle traffic sucks.  The roads are thin and bumpy, going up steep hills, and turning into one way streets or street-side parking without warning.  The pedestrians and bicycles prove kamikaze  and you have to be vigilant about not running either over.

Fremont st sign 1Each neighborhood takes a great deal more time to arrive to then the distance says it should.  Five or ten minutes on the map proves to be 40 minutes of winding through heavy traffic, turning around because you missed your street, or a one-way prohibiting where you need to go for the shortest route.  By the time you get in the vicinity of the place you want to be, you then have to search and search for parking.  Mostly, it’s far away.  And costly.  Once all this is done, you’ve just eaten some snacks in the car so you’re not all that hungry, and you’ve spent the lions share of your money on parking.  The frustration level is high.

Then, I remembered–we couldn’t afford to eat out when we lived there because parking and fuel bedroom darkwere un-affordable while paying steep rent.  Not to mention premium prices for “organic, locally-grown, farm fresh, *insert Seattle-mentality jargon here* And when we did go out it was not the place so much that drew us there but the ease of getting there, convenience to where we already were, and the parking once you arrived.  Private lot, near home, sketchy food–sign us up!

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