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22 Dec

I gained 2 inches on my hip measurements. I’m not certain how. Like everyone I have my trouble spots.  And I could weigh 50 pounds and still have love handles and saddle-bags.  That’s just my body.  But still it hurts to lose my buff-tastic self SO quickly after all my awesome running of the summer.  It’s just that studying makes me more sedentary.  And the weather doesn’t help.  And having to work when I’m not studying/in class/sleeping.  I’m tired when I DO get any free time.  And free-time means guilt.  You can never study too much.  And you can’t ever go into work and clean too much–for money.

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So it’s mission get back into control.  The whole thing is mental strength.  I just have to remember that a little exercise in my day and not eating garbage isn’t that difficult and it isn’t that time-consuming.  There is no reason to feel overwhelmed.

Beer is out.

Sugar–severely reduced.

I need to make sure and eat before I feel super-hungry.  This is key for me as I have a tendancy to grab the easiest, garbage and stuff too much of it in my face when I’m already hungry.

I need to have good choices readily available when I’m really hungry.  This means planning ahead and shopping at the Grocery Outlet at LEAST every other week.  And if it’s still impossible–I just need to cook ahead and make sure good options are grab-able.

Water is IN.

Portion sizes will be reasonable.

Produce is as in as finances will allow.  This:  An unrealistic dream.  Maybe some canned jalapenos and some red peppers can be snuck in.

Don’t keep junk food in the house–b/c I have no self control and eat it all in the same day.

Smaller lunch time portions.


Wii hoola hoop 4/7 days for that crunchless 6 pack.

Walk further (faster) in between classes.

Maybe (this is a tall order during a semester) do 30 minutes of Wii Fit at least 4x a week.  Maybe not–that’s not all that realistic of a goal during school. . .

And the progress in November?  Well, I HAVE  increased my walking distance between classes–which means my speed, too.  Since I have the same amount of time before my next class.  And I have managed to do at least 3 minutes of Wii hoola-hoop each day–though today I feel too French Foodtired/lazy/icky to do it.  But I will try to make myself.  But the food?  Modifying my crummy diet in ANY way?  It is not going well.  You see, I usually just eat what I want whenever I’m hungry.  And for the past 3 days I have been trying to be mindful about WHAT I eat.  So instead of my normal burger with english muffin and Miracle Whip for lunch, I had just the patty with some hot sauce.  And as a result I felt so starving that I couldn’t concentrate on my flashcards.  Then I polished off the cookie dough/brownie/oreo dessert that was in the fridge.  Then I really regretted THAT because I felt all tired and lazy and like my blood sugar was all effed and like my teeth would rot out.  And that’s one example of what has been happening pretty much all week.

Walking about-July 2012 009My progress in December?  Nil.  This became a distant memory as finals, projects, and work took over my life.  But hey, it’s the holidays and everyone gains weight, right?  Back on track after Christmas!

Also, I’m not sure if it was just bad timing, because I wrote this:  So I think I’m going to leave my food alone.  I end up doing a lot WORSE when I think about what I’m eating.  I suppose my body is already pretty good about telling me when I’m hungry and how much food makes me full.  I can’t mess with that.  With the afore-mentioned business and outside factors (yummy food-gifts constantly available at work!), or if I don’t do well moderating my food.  I’ll give it another shot now that I have more of a true winter break.

I can do this.