Try to Fix this LGBT Essay Using Syntactics

24 Dec

Oh forget it.  Here’s a thing I was working on prior to today, but now it’s irrelevant.  So here is the old essay I was going to use, but now can’t:

As part of the LGBT Coalition, I learned about the marginalization of the LGBT community through exposure and education phrasal coordination.

Provoked, by the newly acquired information, I made a power-point presentation, “Transcend Not Transition,” conveying how the transgendered community wished to be treated, from their own words.

It seemed like a simple concept to me, but (coordinating conjunction) I was surprised how useful Midwesterners found the guidelines.

I was asked to speak on the radio about transsexual issues, and (coordinating conjunction) the Columbia chapter of Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) asked me to speak to their members throughout mid-Missouri and Kansas.
As a liaison between the LGBT and Missouri populations, I realized fostering communication and education (phrasal coordination) did a lot to strengthen tenuous relations between the two groups so politically at odds.

Wanting to take my activism a step further, I sought to address a greater variety of LGBT issues by co-organizing my own educational conference, “Rainbowlicious.”

There were several presenters on multiple topics including: Partner health concerns, opposition to the gay-marriage ban that was on the state’s ballot at the time, how tobacco companies target the gay community, and faith-based outreach.

This experience was rewarding, because (subordinating conjunction) it got unlike citizens to come together and (coordinating conjunction) I felt everyone went away with information that empowered them and (additive coordination) embraced diversity.

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