Why, Why, WHY???!

24 Dec

So you remember how despite much effort, how I can never get ahead and never win?  It’s happened again.  Last year, I missed the scholarship deadline, because as a non-degree-seeking student the school does not share much info.  I wrote down all the 6 essay topics determined to work on them throughout the year and never miss out on free money again.


And I did.  I crafted those essays with much effort and care.  And save, for the clogging one, I felt they were good.  But today, I actually opened the scholarship form, ready to copy and paste my work onto the actual allotted space.  And to my surprise, either it was changed or I didn’t notice:  These “essays” each have a maximum length of 110 words!  Which.  Is.  Absolutely.  Nothing.

That’s no space at all.  I started to pair down the first one, taking out nearly ALL the content.  And it pretty much left it meaningless.  Plus, it’s still one hundred characters too long.  So my effort–wasted.  I pretty much just have to write a short paragraph for each.





When will I ever catch a break?!

import 6-17-10 018

I literally copied a single paragraph out of every 2 page essay I wrote over the last year.  It made me sick.  It did substancially cut down my to-do list though, so I guess there’s that. . .

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