Reach for the Sun (New Years–>New Life, Part 2)

31 Dec

I know the quote says “. . .moon, so you can fall to the stars” but I feel I need the sun, because I have a tendency to look toward the darker side of matters. So the sun is better because looking toward the bright, positive future is better for my psyche.  This post is all about stating clear and practical goals that address problems and get me headed in the direction I want to move.  Up.


-Do my job the way I always do with much care and great work-ethic.  BUT if it’s something extra, and that thing is unappreciated–stop doing it.  I’m not going for martyrdom here–and these things add up and make me extremely bitter.

-Secondly, if I do have a legit concern, I need to bring it up to the person who has power to change it.  Immediately, and in an unemotional well-thought manner.  No more suffering and marinating on hostilities in (relative) silence.  No more keeping inside until it bursts out inappropriately.

-Third, and maybe most importantly–just work the minimal hours to pay my bills.  No more, because it hurts me inside.  True story.


-Remember that it’s not my job to be responsible for Cool.  I can love and support, and make sure things don’t end up affecting ME–but I can’t do everything for her.  This year, as long as I am still OK, I will let her fail.  Though, I will continue to talk up the calender method of organization.

-On a lighter note, I will remember to do nice things often for Cool.  Just because.

-Appreciate at least one thing daily.

-Get back to weekly massage.

-Get back to more frequent cooking.


-I will continue to make this THE priority.  As such, I will study when I don’t want to, keep up on reading, notes, and flashcards daily, and give 110%.

-My motto:  Just 10 minutes (more).  Pick up the studies just for 10, and put it down if it still sucks. When I want to quit in the middle of studying, give just 10 more min.  This really helps, and most of the time turns into a longer time.

-Combine physical activity with studying whenever possible.  I don’t know if this is a “thing” but I seem to retain info better when I study it in motion.

-As a side-note, I will MAKE myself overlook crummy professors and bureaucratic nonsense.  These things don’t matter to my life and only make me stressed out.


-The very most difficult thing to do, because it’s constant and matters on a daily basis.  Also, the most important factor in success.

-Everything is just a small fraction of time–remember that.

-Get up at 4 AM.  Study a little school, and get to work early.

-Walk/study at least 3x/wk.

-Go to bed early, after reading for pleasure at least a tiny bit.


-Save a little every month.  Even if it’s only $5.  Because that will add up and help for the big move to Colorado.

-Trudge through the undergrad loan forbearance procedures even though they are super-tedious and repetitive and stupid.  THIS is what really allows me to work part-time.

-This also comes under food, but be smart about groceries in order to minimize food expenditures   Which, unfortunately, were my #1 expense in 2012.

-2013 is all about living like a pioneer–simplify and appreciate the small things.  Enjoy free fun.

-No concerts in 2013.  None.  We can listen to music at home, watch DVD concerts, and appreciate music on Spotify.

-No travel either.  OK, that hurts too much and takes everything good out of this small life.  Minimize travel and look at keeping expenses low.


-Keep running at all-weather track multiple times a week.  Keep working toward mile goal and all shorter distance goals in order to get there.

-Park further away.

-Find a way to renew Wii-Fit interest or do a in-house workout for winter.  Stick to this even when I’m tired.


-Get to Costco seasonally.

-Go to Grocery Outlet every other Sunday morning.  Stop going to Safeway all-together.

-Get in the kitchen and fix something daily.  Even on work days when I’m exhausted.  Even on test days when I need to study.  Most people cook 2-3 meals a day–I can prepare at least one.

-Get back to cooking something interesting on weekends.  It’s one of our best date activities and we love it.  Also, it saves money.

-Continue to watch calories, but start to manipulate them–not just observe.


-Drink more water.

-Exercise/study/do art replace these behaviors by doing things that I like.

-Get Cool to be more supportive.

-Mind the calories.

-Latest possible in the day, because it helps reduce the amount.

-Change my thoughts and erase these routines.

-Read about this.

-Look at the above goals, and remember NOT sticking to this one negates any progress on the others.

Small steps, ought to help me get to the BIG goals.  Which are eventually:  Get a career.  Move to a loft in CO.  Be able to live like a person, financially.  Who needs luck when you have will-power?

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