Best of 2012: LISTENING

1 Jan

Where do you even start when trying to say your favorite 10 artists in the year?  Well, it’s an impossible task–so you turn to the quantitative data, of course.  Here is what Last FM says I liked best in the last year, based on my own scrobbles.

MY Favorites in 2012 (as per Last FM stats):

10.  Maroon 5

It seems these guys had a frenzy of albums, remixes, and singles this year.  I like them because there’s a syncopated beat unlike anyone else.  More listens are in order for 2013!

9.  The Avett Brothers

Rogue bastards snuck in.  I listened in order to prepare for Labor Dave Weekend.  They were opening, and I thought I’d attempt to gain an appreciation.  And their discography is quite extensive, though I can’t say I ever caught on to them.  But here they are in my top-listened. . .

8.  Jason Mraz

What with a new album out, and of course a sentimental favorite of mine since he was my first concert ever–I am not surprised he still frequents my most-listened list.

7.  Taylor Swift

I WISH she had produced a new album, or had more songs.  This place on the lst seems low compared to how much I like her songs.  Her writing really speaks to me.  Plus, I saw her biography once and am super-impressed that she was hired as a song-writer (for other artists) so young.

6.  Mumford & Sons.

Love!  My current favorite album.  I enjoy every single song, which hardly ever happens.  The only downfall is they never tour in the U.S.

5.  Piano Tribute Players

On the list because I can’t always study to violins, and I had not discovered where the heck the heavily advertised Classify was actually located.  Good covers all the same though.

4.  Indigo Girls.

Thanks to Spotify, and easy access to many artists all the time, I branched out this year.  My Indigo Girls are still a (if not THE) fave, but the fell to 4 due to exposure.  Still amazing.

3.  Brandi Carlile.

Younger.  Cuter.  Closer in proximity.  Transcending genres.  Here’s some love for my secret girlfriend Brandi.  I never tire of her music or concerts.  I always hunger for more.  And one day, maybe I’ll finally get to meet her.

2.  Vitamin String Quartet.

Really a tribute to how much a studied last year more then anything.  I listened to lyric-less music to study, and they are #2 most played.  Yay good grades.

1.  DMB

Somehow, I became a real fan.  I’m not sure when it happened because really, they were Cool’s thing and I was just supportive.  I never before had “felt” them, even though “Crash” was amongst the very first 12 CDs I ever owned (thanks BMG Music Club!).  Sometime, in listening and in preparing for and attending the Gorge concert–I became hard-core.  Now I have more listens then Cool.  And their cute, and amazing selection of merch doesn’t hurt either.

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