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Costco: Conquered.

8 Jan

I found the key to shopping Costco.

There is never a slow time.  There are no hand-baskets.  Every item in the warehouse is huge and bulky.  Buying in large quantities can save loads of cash, but shopping Costco can be an exercise in frustration.

What to do:

0.5.  Make a list.

Also, make sure your list is in sections–all refrigerated items, then all dry food, then beauty products, then medicine, for example.  Even better if you know your Costco’s layout so you can make the items on your list correspond to the order of their sections.

1.  Go in a pair.

Drag your spouse along.  Bribe a friend.  Make your (older) kids help.

2.  Sit

Your partner in crime in the furniture section.  With the huge shopping cart.

3.  Find.

Now, you take your list and hustle to the section containing the heaviest items.  Cat litter, trash bags, soda should have been my first stops.

4.  Haul.

Grab each item in turn, and walk it back to your shopping partner and cart.  It’s physically laborious  but the shopping goes a TON faster without having to navigate those awkward and heavy carts around other people, the snack carts, and big store merch.

5.  Pack.

While you walk to the next heaviest item in the section, your shopping-mate packs the cart according to price.  Cool and I try to split the grocery costs in half.

6.  Hurry!

Hustle, carry, and drop off all the items until all but 2 items on the list are exhausted.  I got $275 of items to satisfy all needs of 2 people for Spring semester in 20 minutes.  Twenty-minutes, people.  Be impressed.

7.  Sweat.

When all is said and done, drop to the sofa and recuperate while your partner in crime gets out of the couches to get one surprise item not on the list–in our case yummy cinnamon rolls from the bakery.

8.  Line-up.

One of you grab a place in the check-out line.  The other retrieves the last 2 items on the list–hopefully medicine or something near the front of the store.

9.  Stress-free!

You’ve done it!  No waiting for stupid people to get out of the middle of the aisle.  No heaving a heavy unruly cart against giant sized breakable displays.  No waiting or frustration.  And bonus–a great workout for the carrier.

10.  Carry.

Now you just have to get the massive groceries from car to house!  I suggest doing this in shifts–leave stuff in the car that doesn’t have to go right away.

11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  Winning!  To the power of 4.