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Quote + Scholarship

27 Jan

Some brainstorming for the last essay on the LGBT scholarship application.  I HAVE included the length this time.  And I know the due date too:  Jan 31, 2013.  I’m on a roll with this one!

CO 11

A quote has the ability to succinctly capture thoughts and feelings that deeply resonate with us due to our life experiences and future aspirations. Please share a quote that holds special meaning for you and explain why it speaks to you so powerfully. If possible, please include the name and a brief description of the person to whom the quote is attributed.  3000 characters

ice climbing

“If we were logical, the future would be bleak, indeed. But we are more than logical, we are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope. . .”

Sometimes being realistic about life’s outcomes means seeing the darker side of things. In order to stay grounded a person has to remove the rose-colored glasses and entertain various (possibly negative) end-points to each decision.  Unfortunately, weighing options as logical beings can really paint a dire picture.  My practical nature can make me see more negative aspects in life.  I think and over-think things until success seems an impossible notion.  I like this quote, because it shows that even a realistic person, who uses thought to evaluate situations instead of blind optimism, can still have hope.  Sometimes I just have to look past my pro and con lists, past the heavy analysis, and have faith I will get there.  This quote reflects my personality, because as a thinking, rational person it is very easy to become cynical when faced with repeated obstacles, negativity, and failure, and yet there is still faith that things can improve and the hope that they will.  I never give up, instead striving to dig out of my current less-than-optimal circumstances by working harder.  No matter how heavily I entertain consequences I always know that I can achieve something greater, or learn to appreciate the outcome just as it is–even if it was not what I was originally expecting.  People have the innate ability to look up, even if their circumstances seem dreary.

“Future: That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true, and our happiness is assured.”

No matter how bad the current situation feels, there will always be the future.  And the future always holds something better in my mind.  It is a quote full of realistic optimism, which is the way I try to conduct my life.  I attempt to keep well grounded by entertaining true stumbling blocks and consequences of my decisions and efforts.  I also try to always remain positive that with enough work I can fulfill my goals.  This quote shows my personality in that it brings evidence that things can always improve.  If you don’t like how something is right now, don’t worry-there is always tomorrow.  There is time to change things and work for a better, brighter life.

In order to see sunshine, you must weather the storm.

This advice given by Frank Lane, manager of several baseball teams over a twelve year period, shows that in order to enjoy the good, you have to suffer a little of the negative side of life.  And Lane would know about controversy bringing an appreciation for the smaller joys in life.  In his controversial career, he made over 400 player trades, earning him some cynical nicknames.  I agree with Lane, if things were always great and perfect that would become the norm, then nothing would feel exceptional.  Without some bad incidents or dreary times, no one could appreciate the brighter side of life.

It relates to my  struggles and goals for myself.  I have worked very hard all my life to enter into a meaningful career that I enjoy doing on a daily basis, and one that helps others.  In 2009, I lost my seat in the veterinary class I was admitted to because my loan fell through, and I had no back up funding.  I moved to Seattle, where the gray skies, matched my dreary mood, and the gray area that was now my life.  I could have given up then.  I could have called it quits, scaled down my goals and aspirations, and fallen back on my experience as a veterinary assistant.

Instead I realized that my failures and set-backs will only help me to enjoy my eventual success to the fullest rather then taking it for granted.  Because my life was tumultuous at that point in time, I knew that positive outcomes would feel even better when they were realized.  I chose a new career goal where I could still help people and applied to college to get a second degree.

Without suffering through some hard times I might not appreciate my life as much as I do right now.  Moving to sunny Spokane, helped me regain my sense of self and work toward a different lofty goal.  One day I will be a competent Doctor of Audiology and enjoy helping people with hearing loss.  Because I suffered through some cloudy days I now see how bright my future is.

Don’t just survive–strive

In life, it is easy to get situated in a day-by-day routine that does not reflect higher goals or aspirations.  You bide your time, and just do each task as it arises.  I think this quote reflects my mentality, because I know time management and organization is the real key to achieving huge aspirations.  Breaking lofty goals into small, daily tasks makes them more manageable and sets me up for success.  I try to remember each day what I really want in life, and attempt to do small things in order to head in that direction.  This quote provides motivation not to become complacent with life as it is, because the day-to-day activities become our life.  I want to live like I’m going somewhere–up.

Discontent is the source of all trouble, but also of all progress.

This quote reflects my attitudes on success and failure.  When I am happiest and content, I tend to stop struggling so vigorously to achieve.  It is when I am the most miserable that I do everything in my power to change my circumstances.  So even though being uncomfortable is not desirable, the resultant motivation to change things is a positive outcome.