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Resolution Progress

31 Jan

I thought I would do an update to keep myself accountable.  I suppose I should be looking at the original goals to know–but I have a headache, and barely could find energy to write this post.  So I will wing it:

1.  I am actually drinking water.  I’m even managing to drink it on work days.  Which is progress infinitive!  I believe I have consumed more water in the last month than I have in the last decade.  No joke.  Except it’s not fair–I have to pee every second.  And I have a major aversion to public bathrooms, as well as a job where I can’t just go whenever–oh an emergency/surgery/I’m in a room taking vitals–hang on while I go to the bathroom = no.  Also, I never felt thirsty before, and now I do.  And I get terrible headaches if I DON’T drink as much water–which never happened before.  I’m not yet a true believer in the benefits of water.

2.  I am flossing on most days.  I had been very vigilant about this before so it wasn’t all that difficult to get back into it.  Now to call, and schedule, and pay for the dentist. . .

3.  Cooking.  I have not not it every day, but certainly more.  So that’s a good start.  We’ve also been very good about going to the Grocery Outlet every other week, which helps keep the shelves stocked, and us out of restaurants.  We have only been to restaurants twice, and one was to celebrate a good test grade.  The other before Cool’s doctor appointment.

4.  Abstain from drinking.  I made this a quantitative goal so I can see where I’m going with it.  30 days dry.  I have not had any alcohol since Jan 5–I slipped up that last weekend before school started.  I’ll write a whole post about this even though I’m paranoid about people I know in real life using the info as ammunition against me.  I want and need to talk about it, and it’s not a dirty secret.

5.  Weekly Massage.  It’s been done twice.  I think we would be more successful if we planned this earlier, before I’m too tired.  Also, pre-heating the room is key.

I can’t remember my other goals right now.  I can edit when my headache goes away. . .  This is all I can muster right now.