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February Resolution Progress

28 Feb

split planetsWhat were my year goals again?  Maybe I should make a poster or sign or something so I’m confronted with what I want daily.  OK-THAT’S now a goal for March.  Well, from what I remember:


-This has gone well, but isn’t 100% yet.  I floss most nights, but if I’m tired plunk right into bed.  So I need to make sure to eat, then floss before I’m too tired to function–difficult on work days especially.  As an asside, I promise myself I will spend part of my tax refund on a dentist appointment.  I will make some pricing calls (lesson learned with Rusty) tomorrow.  My first call? $348 for 1st exam + manditory x-rays + routine cleaning.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


-Better then average (and expected).  The big difference?  Not necessarily any amounts, but my Walla Faces tastingmentality.  I drank a couple times this month, but it was different.  It was moderated, adult, and a bonus, rather than a habit, lifestyle, or coping mechanism.  While in January I felt the loss of fun-times, and a great fatigue from total abstinence, February was easy-peasy.  OK, maybe not peasy, as there might have been a couple moments of temptation (day of emergency linear foreign object into a 70% of my grade midterm), but mostly good.  And I avoided habitual, coping temptation that particular day, by the way.  I even said no probably for the first time in my life to an opportunity to drink.  Proud!  Also, I feel more money and more time as a result.  Things are good in this area.


LL's 28th birth-month 076Not as great as January, but better than ever before even still.  And I’m urinating slightly less, I think.  Still, I don’t see many tangible benefits yet.  My eyes and lips and cuticles are still as dry as ever.  And I still get a bad headache if I DON’T drink boat-loads of water nowadays.  Or if I drink too much caffeine.  Which never happened to me before, and is a pain–especially at work.  Still cynical. . .


-OK, but could be MUCH better.  We are all-stars about going to the Grocery Outlet every-other-week without fail, and avoiding more expensive groceries during the week.  Also, we cook meals on days when both of us are home and awake.  On work days or when I’m alone, I’m horrible.  I will grab anything I can stuff in my gullet fast.  D+ on this goal.  Oh, and restaurants–WAAAY easier to avoid when there are ample groceries in the house.  But after an exam/A?  I still want to celebrate by eating out.  Which sometimes tempts me to drink.  And always causes us to spend more money.  So I need to find another test reward–what????


-Terrible, terrible, terrible F.  I literally did not do anything physical outside of work.  I did park farther away from class to insert some activity, but no walking/running/circuits/Wii Fit/Wii Sports were had in February.  None.  I need to make this a priority, and hopefully March will bring beautiful weather to make that easy.  I like to study flashcards while walking the trails and I love to run (once I’m out there, that is).

import 6-17-10 117


-Maybe we followed through on 1 massage this month.  It’s hard to get the room heated and get everything work and play related finished early before heading to bed.  When my bed-time is 6:30-8PM, it’s rough getting done with everything I need and want to do any earlier than that.  Also, Cool has been having a difficult time of bi-polar depression and especially irritability, which often makes her difficult to fawn upon.  Mostly, I have been trying to help her be responsible for and aware of her mental-illness.  She’s on a new med, and has an emergency cash fund for prescriptions so I’m sure things will get better for us soon.  On the plus side–NO anxiety from her and her job is going well, and she actually likes it.  So things are MUCH better than in the past.  Summer, summer for the weekly massage.  That’s what I’m hoping for now.


-I am saving it.  Except with Rusty, dentist, Sloppy, and winter clothes it makes things a little sloppy close updifficult.  But I’m really limiting unnecessary purchases.  And planning and phone calls will be made–though I HATE the phone.  HATE!  Also, we are very motivated to have a spring/summer yard sale to generate some extra income at the same time as getting rid of some items we don’t need.  And we are working on cleaning and purging a lot.


See you for another progress report at the end of March.

This is Why I Won’t be Going to Grad School HERE

27 Feb

I can’t stand the mentality of any of my professors.  And because it’s ALL of them to one extent or another, I really evaluated myself, to see if I was the problem.  But this strife is recent.  And I’m pulling better grades then ever, so you would think the staff would like me MORE.  And I didn’t have a problem at Mizzou.  Most of my Animal Science profs were good ‘ol boys, which obviously I don’t really fit into their club, but they were friendly with me.  And the other departments at Mizzou had your typical liberal profs and instructors  and they were OK.  So I thought maybe the niceness was a mid-western benefit.  But no, that’s not true either–all of my UNR professors were cordial.  I wouldn’t categorize them as overly friendly, but they were helpful if you had a question.  And they seemed to care.

I can’t stand this one bitch in particular at Riverpoint.  And I’ve already had her for two semesters now.  Her tone sucks, she asks for participation, then gets snarly when you offer it, and she’s completely dismissive over e-mail.  So I thought maybe she feels like I’m questioning or challenging her.  There’s this one (flaky) girl in my class that the prof seems to genuinely like.  So I thought I should try to change my tactics from serious and earnest to light-hearted and slightly more playful.

For the most recent example.  We have to turn in chapter outlines to ensure we are reading the text.  And I always, outline the text for EVERY class, just to keep my mind focused.  But I do it in hand-writing because I’m not always reading at home, in proximity to my computer.  So for this kindergarten assignment, I am having to re-type what I’ve already outlined, just to turn it in.  That’s some background info for my e-mail–even though it’s pretty self-explanatory when you read it.  Also, this is the first time this semester (and third total) I have ever e-mailed this gal.  I tried to keep it light, and wrote:

Can we turn in hand-written outlines?

Here’s why you should say yes:
1.  Every time I read for every class, I outline the material to keep my mind focused and get down the important points.  Since I am reading wherever I happen to be at the time, these are not typed.
2.  After that, I make study sheets with the MOST important info, then make flashcards of definitions and lists.  I look at those walking from place to place, prior to class, while I’m getting my hair cut, etc., etc. . .
3.  Because I am taking the time to hunt-&-peck (not optimal, but that’s how I roll) my first outline into a format I can turn in, I no longer have the time to make the study sheets and flashcards that really help me study.  
So typing up an outline for turning-in purposes is actually taking away from my studying.  And the typed versions are scaled down a lot!  Thirdly, I never look at the typed version again, preferring my original, fleshed out hand-written ones.
So it would be helpful to me if we could turn in hand-written outlines.  You could still confirm we read, and I can have time to do my other studying tactics.  
Thanks for your consideration!
And her (probably inevitable) response:
While I appreciate your comments, this is a professional program and nothing is turned in handwritten except an in-class test.  I am not the only one to ask for typed work.  You need to turn in a typed copy and then you can have your own copy and take notes on that one in class.  That’s what several students have done and it seems to be working.
This response made me disgruntled and frustrated and worst of all made me feel icky inside, like some sort of college-impostor/loser.  And don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the no-answer I received.  When I wrote, I figured the answer would be no.  But I also figured if I didn’t even try, the answer would definitely be no.  And in the best case scenario the answer would be yes–saving me a lot of time.  And allowing me to prepare for class in the way I want/need to prepare.
It was the way the no was said.  Maybe I’m reading into based on past experiences, but I find this off-putting.  So she is saying I suck, other students are handling this just fine, and I’m not being professional.  Also, typing is not a high expectation and it will be in my future so deal.
As Cool said, this bitch could have said the no in a much nicer way.  She had many tones she could have taken, many reasons she could have used to support the typing, and a lot nicer words in which to say it.  She could have said she understands where I’m coming from, but feels the need to police the class in a consistent manner.  She could have written that not everyone was already as prepared as I am, or that type is easier for her to grade.  Whatever, but it didn’t have to attack me as a student for even asking and insinuate I’m out-of-line.
And it was all I could do not to say that in a professional program an instructor would not have to hand-hold to get the class to read.  Students would read on their own accord or pay the price come exam time.  It was also all I could do not to call her out on her (continuously) hostile and disengaging tone with me.  I really had to stop myself from poking the bear and asking if she has a problem with ME.  But I didn’t because with a person like this, it would only serve to make my life worse.
So what have I learned???  I just can never talk to this bitch in any medium.  It infuriates me every single time, and accomplishes nothing else.  I just need to jump through her hoops, ignore her shitty tones, and get my As so I can get the F out of here and go somewhere where they treat me like a person.

The Rusty Drama Unfolds-More

26 Feb

First of all–what a delay!  It may be the longest time ever between posts since I came to WordPress.  The reasons:  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  School?  Work?  Sleep schedule disruption?  I guess writing mysteriously moved down my priority list–not mindfully, of course.  Anyway, I’m back, and I will make a flurry of posts.  Here’s where we left off.

Rusty Rodeo 1

Rusty.  Namely, Rusty’s messed up right turn signal.  PS-Rusty has also temporarily been moved to the back-burner.  After this post.  And you’ll see why.  If you recall, I was about to get inside of Rusty to try to clean and fix Rusty’s turn signal myself.  It seemed this tick was common from all the internet message boards talking about it.  And the timing and money weren’t convenient at all, so I was going to take on the job.

Except, I started worrying.  What if when I took off the steering wheel, I accidentally set off the air bag?  I could hurt myself in the process, and I wasn’t sure if Rusty would drive at all if the airbag  was engaged–and that would mean REAL trouble for my schedule.  So I decided to take Rusty in.  Just for a quick fix.  And I figured it would be quick–I already knew the problem, and didn’t deem it all that complicated.  Especially for professionals.  And because of time–and aversion to making phone calls, I did NOT call around to price shop as I should have.  I simply picked the highest rated (per Yelp), closest place with the best hours.

Trusty Rusty- Day 1

To simplify the story (a little) here’s my resultant Yelp review:

Car troubles and repairs aside–very sketchy service.

Firstly, I made the appointment online, which I loved. I gave all my info, described my car, and stated the problem. Except when I went in the day of my appointment it was like they hadn’t ever seen my online appointment and I had to start from scratch.

Secondly, I dropped my car off no later then 7:30 AM, after making that online appointment, and seemed to be the only (and first) customer of the day. I didn’t receive a call about the initial diagnostic until 10:30 AM. Seems like a long time for a small problem (right turn signal wasn’t working).

Thirdly, when I went in to pick up my car (40 min AFTER they called) no one was at the counter and no one answered the buzzer. After standing, unattended, I opened the front door again so the buzzer would signal my arrival a second time. The front desk guy came up from the back and said (UN-apologetically) that my remote-start/alarm wouldn’t start. THAT was not what I brought my car in for, and it had not previously been dysfunctional. He asked if there was some trick to getting it to start and informed me it might be 10 more minutes. Then, I stood at the counter for 15-20 min. While I did, another gal came in. No one came to wait on her. A mechanic came in the front door, saw 3 people (me, my mate, and the gal) standing in the lobby, walked through to the back without acknowledging us. The three of us waited a few more minutes. The mechanic walked back through with some paper-work without acknowledged anyone again. The other lady just left after no one had even noticed she came in. Anyway, when all the parts of my car were functioning the way they were when I brought my car in, the guy working the counter gave me some lengthy song and dance about how my remote start was installed wrong and that’s why they couldn’t figure it out. . .

In regards to my car trouble–after being quoted $600-some to replace my turn signal switch, I called a few other places–who quoted me exactly HALF of that. Also, I was put off that when I was told the problem, he tried to tell me a bulb was also out–which I knew to be untrue because I just replaced both bulbs THIS week, and my emergency flashers worked, showing all bulbs were fine. And he tried to talk me out of purchasing the part myself, because it would be “untrustworthy.” Well someone definitely was. . .

And finally, after all my troubles, this place not only charged me $53 for a long, long diagnostic and delivery of bad news, they had the audacity to say, “We keep our prices low for everyone” when I inquired if they offer a Triple-A discount. Save yourself headache, time, and money and don’t go here!

“Clean House” Motivation

17 Feb

Sure it’s cheesy, and it’s superficial, but why do I love it so much?

Projects I am now motivated to accomplish:

Laurel's pics 778-gather my college/LGBT/concert tees I don’t wear and have them made into quilts that I know I will use.

-rifle through all clothes/movies/books/games/computer games/chochkies and get rid of some

-organize a yard sale in Aunt Linda’s yard

-deep clean the inside and outside of Rusty and YogiRusty Rodeo 1

Make an oil and a vinagar pretty out of old alcohol bottles.

-Turn linolium in dining room upside-down

-put jackets in rubber-maid & put on closet shelf

-turn muscle shirts into something better

DisasTER-finish paintings

-go through cat stuff & organize

-get rid of shoes

-clean and organize art shelf


I Don’t Subscribe: Celebrate Something Else [Anti-Valentine’s #7]

14 Feb

As the obnoxious gay fellow sitting next to me in class found out when he cheerfully asked if I was excited for the impending “holiday.”  If you don’t remember my practical explanations of why the day is created for gains of capitalism, unfair to males, encourages gendered and unreasonable expectations from women, is detrimental to the environment, and HURTS people (diamond miners), look back at my annual blog post.  

2 year anneversary 013

As I have exhausted all angles trying to persuade you to discontinue celebrating such an awful tradition, this year, I appeal to choice.  OK, I get it, February isn’t the greatest month.  Especially following those gigantic holidays of Novemeber, December, and January.  February is back to the grind.  And it’s still cold.  And there’s really nothing real to celebrate until Memorial Day.  By real, I exclude St. Patty’s day, another concocted day that is abused to celebrate getting drunk on green beer.  And Cinco de Mayo, where Mexican restaurants get into the black for the year by peddling. . .  “Mexican” food, and yet more alcohol.  

Lesle's eye-breasts

But I’m getting off the point here are some special events that have occured on February 14 in years past.  And any one of them could have a celebratory holiday devoted to it.  More Worthy Cause for Celebration:


  • The United States Flag was formally recognized by a foreign naval vessel for the first time, Anatomy 28when French Admiral Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte rendered a nine gun salute to USS Ranger, commanded by John Paul Jones.

Yay!  Boating and America and the flag!  What’s not to like?  OK, we already have Flag Day, Independence Day, and you’re not feeling a holiday devoted to sailing for whatever reason.  There’s more:

1794:  1st U.S. textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia

Clothes and fashion!  But I see this becoming a capitalistic nightmare–let’s move on.

1872:  1st state bird refuge authorized (Lake Merritt, California)

LF unicornsNothing here to hate on.  And maybe a parade featuring birds would be in order.  Or free admission to all avian-related places.

1876:  A G Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor

Yes!  Phones and communication–we cannot live without those.  This could easily take over V-Day with all those Apple-heads everywhere.

1889:  1st train load of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for east

1899:  U.S. Congress begins using voting machines

Politics get more honest.  But they have a long way to go before a fair system is achieved *cough heffalumps and woozelsabolish lobbies*

1919:  United Parcel Service forms

Again, another service we absolutely could not live without.  

1920:  League of Women Voters forms in Chicago


1924:  IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson

wine countryMore communication things–I see a trend here. . .

1936:  National Negro Congress organizes in Chicago

Yes!  The beginning of Civil Rights!

1946:  Bank of England nationalized

1963:  U.S. launches communications satellite Syncom 1

1966:  Wilt Chamberlain breaks NBA career scoring record at 20,884 points

Such a great fact, but without drinking involved I’m not sure non-sports enthusiasts would be on Oct 2011 031board–and definitely not so close to Superbowl and the Daytona 500.  Moving on. . .

1966:  Australian currency is decimalised.

1971:  Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House

1976:  U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

LF penguinsBoo, hiss to all the resultant nuclear waste getting dumped in the state.

1978:  1st “micro on a chip” patented by Texas Instruments

Communication!  I’m telling you, this needs to be the communication holiday.  Pay homage to all of this technology we can’t get by without for even 10 minutes.

1989:  World’s 1st satellite Skyphone opens


1989:  The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System are placed into orbit.heart flowers

GPS too?  I’ve decided I’m replacing Valentine’s Day with some sort of communication celebration.

1990:  Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system

All right!  So I think I’ve decided on the history of communication technology holiday.  Now, what makes a holiday great?  Food, definitely   Special beverages for sure.  A parade never hurts.  Something–festive.  And obviously, communicating to many people or in  some awesome way to celebrate history.  Well, we have until next year to decide 🙂  Happy Communication Day everyone!

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I’m Goin’ In. . . Oh Boy.

10 Feb

Well, as I feared Rusty’s problems are not simple.  After taking 3 pieces of days, I finally got into the tail light casing.

Day 1:  Struggle.  Freak out after trying to get help on internet.

Day 2:  Those deep holes on the right actually hold a screw.  Hmm.

Day 3:  And you have to remove the 2 top screws AND the 2 bottom ones.

Night 3:  Then, the plastic does wedge out once the whole apparatus is dangling from the back by fuse wires.  The bulb is changed from the front.

= Complicated.

uphill battleAnyway, my tail light bulb was not black.  Not good news.  The new bulb twisted in and the problem persisted.  *groan*  If something unlucky is going to happen it’s gonna happen to me.  That leaves me with one option:  Find a trustworthy, inexpensive mechanic that can work with my hectic schedule.  Ha!

Uh oh.  Trouble.  I’m not certain that is possible.  So today, (per the Isuzuuphill rd forums) I’m going to attempt to remove the steering column and clean the turn signal switch contacts.  I have no idea how to do such things, but I guess that’s what the internet is for. . .  Hopefully, they are just dirty and not all corroded.  And hopefully, I don’t mess something up worse by trying to fix the problem.

Wish me luck, people.  I’ll need it!

The Suffering of My People

8 Feb

By proxy.  And not aimed directly at my particular tribe–through we were mistreated too, and all natives eventually felt the ramifications of the law I’m about to broach.

On this day (February 8) in 1887, President Grover Cleveland signed the Dawes Severalty Act into legislation.  And have you even heard of it?  My guess is no.  Is this Native American month?  Wait?  Do we have one?  Let’s not forget the suffering of the real owner of this country while we remember achievements of African Americans and Civil Rights.  Neither one is more important then the other, yet the Indian plight is overlooked.  Back then, and still today.

Red (for the blood shed) is mine with much plagiarism from Wiki and,, here are some facts about how the Dawes Act was a major factor in the ruin my people:

-The stated objective of the Dawes Act was to stimulate assimilation of Indians into American society.

-Individual ownership of land was seen as an essential step. The act also provided that the government would purchase Indian land “excess” to that needed for allotment and open it up for settlement by non-Indians.  [Translation:  We want to sell this prime land to railroads, miners, and settlers–get OUT!]

-Dawes Act gave the president the power to divide Indian reservations into individual, privately owned plots.

-The compulsory Act forced natives to succumb to their inevitable fate; they would undergo severe attempts to become “Euro-Americanized” as the government allotted their reservations with or without their consent.

-Reformers believed that Indians would never bridge the chasm between “barbarism and civilization” if they maintained their tribal cohesion and traditional ways.

-Finally defeated by the US military force [after Indian Wars where traditionalists railed against losing their land and culture at the lowest of prices] and continuing waves of encroaching settlers, the tribes negotiated agreements to resettle on reservations.

-The act “was the culmination of American attempts to destroy tribes and their governments and to open Indian lands to settlement by non-Indians and to development by railroads.”[27]

-Land owned by Indians decreased from 138 million acres (560,000 km2) in 1887 to 48 million acres (190,000 km2) in 1934.[3]

-they lost 62 percent of their total pre-1887 holdings!

-promised benefits to the Indians never materialized.

-Racism, bureaucratic bungling, and inherent weaknesses in the law deprived the Indians of the strengths of tribal ownership, while severely limiting the economic viability of individual ownership.

-Many tribes also deeply resented and resisted the government’s heavy-handed attempt to destroy their traditional cultures.

-The amount of land in native hands rapidly depleted from some 150 million acres (610,000 km2) to a small 78 million acres (320,000 km2) by 1900.

-The remainder of the land once allotted to appointed natives was declared surplus and sold to non-native settlers as well as railroad and other large corporations; other sections were converted into federal parks and military compounds.

-Most allotment land, which could be sold after a statutory period of 25 years, was eventually sold to non-Native buyers at bargain prices.

-Despite these flaws, the Dawes Severalty Act remained in force for more than four decades [And the ramifications are still evident today]

So on this infamous day in history, please take time to remember the Native Americans and their plight at the hands of Angelo-ism (Europeans take over the world), politics, greed/capitalism, and many, many other factors.

Flurry of Disorganized Thoughts Scratch That–>Panic

6 Feb

Oh Rusty, you beautiful bastard–why must anything on you require time/maintenance/work/money?

4-16-11 my new car

Why is it so Earth-shattering when something (even minute) goes wrong with the car? Answer–because transportation to work and school is imperative.  And continuous.  And there is NO time or money to deal.

Rusty’s right blinker started clicking fast. For only ONE day, before buzzing and not working at all. Thanks Isuzu for the ample time to get a new bulb and replace it.  To avoid a scene, I went to the auto parts store immediately after work.

How to change the bulb now? That IS the question!  And it sounds like a stupid one.  Until you get out there with a screw driver and hear the groaning of the firmly held cover over where I think the blinker is located (based on it’s functional twin).

Manual doesn’t say. Why not?  Is it really so simple, they had no need to write it out?  And if so–why don’t I understand?  Do I pry off the red rear cover–or will that break it? And when I looked online no one said it there either.

But.  EVERYone and their brother was saying how their blinker started to buzz, and they replaced the bulb with no results. Checking the fuses and connections yielded nothing. Putting on flashers made the turn-signals work for a week only. Spraying cleaning something (no one said what exactly? or where) into the steering column helped temporarily. Taking off the steering column, taking apart something or other, showed a faulty configuration, which was expensive to fix. Between $65 and $250 from the forums. . .

So now b/c my turn-signal is buzzing I’m in a panic that I won’t be able to fix it and this will cost a lot of time and money. . .  And I should be in bed or studying, but now I’m totally worried that something is seriously wrong with my signals/lights/fuses/steering wheel connection thingy and I have to work all day Friday, half day Saturday, and day Monday and what should I do and does it warrant trading study time for and would I have the money anyway?  Welcome to my mind.  One tiny fractional amount of many worries. . .

Winter Circuits Workout

5 Feb

Do this in between Wii-Fit days to avoid boredom.

A certain amt of reps of each activity, repeated in a series until the pre-considered time limit is up.

Pick from:

-jumping jacks


-butt kicks

-lunges +/- holding wt.

-push ups +/- elevated feet

-pseudo jump rope

-high knees, quick feet

-treadmills (push up position, right leg bent toward chest, jump to left leg bent near chest and right leg in push up position)

-burpees +/- push up +/- pull up

Every-other activity:

-do bicep curls w/wt

-sit on edge of chair.  Rest elbow on knee.  Palm to ceiling, bring wt toward shoulder, then back parallel to floor

-chest press (lie on back, push wt up toward ceiling)

-ft shoulder width apart hold wt while simulating sitting in a chair


-wall sit +/- holding weights.

For the rest periods in between all activities (not to exceed rep # of other activities):


-upper ab sit ups

-side crunchies

-cycling sit-ups

Repeat the circuit 4 times.